My therapist told me this

Elite Arrogance of “Work from Home”

Just a quick one while I continue to move into the new house.

As I have written before, I think this China virus business is vastly overdone. This is hardly the most dangerous infection of our time! It is being hyped as a political weapon, at least here in the USA, against Trump. Period.

One particularly irritating theme constantly being repeated is the advice to “work from home.”

That’s fine if you’re a retired, old fart blogger or in the elite industries of IT and other such white collar labors. How does a cop or a fireman work from home? How about our military? Or a blue collar worker in a factory? Yes, make those automobiles in your living room . . . right. How about a hamburger flipper or a waiter? A farmer? A butcher? A mechanic? Like with so much else about this virus it’s a bunch of elite nonsense designed to create panic and sink the economy and, btw, the Trump presidency.

Back to my boxes “at home” . . .