Nancy Pelosi had this video removed from Facebook

Baghdad experienced snowfall for the first time in over a decade on Tuesday, in what meteorologists claim is the biggest snowfall in Iraq for the past century.

But, my global warming!!

According to the Iraqi Meteorological Organization, the country is currently experiencing a cold polar air mass, which reached its climax early on Tuesday morning. Current weather forecasts indicate that the air mass will cover the entire country, causing a sharp fall in temperatures.“Snowfall may continue until Wednesday given the very cold weather,” Amer al-Jaberi, media head of the Iraqi Meteorological Centre, told the AFP. “This cold wave came from Europe.”If the sun doesn’t fire up with more sunspots in the near future, they might see snow a bit more frequently.  Mini Ice Age on the way.

How Juicy Can it Get?

Juicy Smollett has been Re-Indicted

Professor Jonathan Turley of Georgetown University Law School wrote in The Hill of the Speaker’s State of the Union behavior, “Pelosi has shredded decades of tradition, decorum and civility that the nation could use now more than ever.” He also described her with the words “petty,” “distempered,” and “inappropriate.” She failed to introduce the President properly, and then was particularly out of line when she tore up his speech after grimacing and showing petulant expressions throughout the President’s speech.

Turley asserted that she should resign from office as the Speaker as her breaches of decorum at the State of Union were the worst of all those he has criticized over the years. For Turley, it is important because decorum is a kind of unifying glue. It is the fallback M.O., the detachment whereby differences of person and policy are transcended in our republic. He might just as well have called for the entire Democrat caucus to resign and be replaced by people of honor and integrity. It is at that point that the analysis seems to fade into fantasy.

Once again, what does it mean to be a racial minority in America (non-white and non-Asian)? Freedom from Responsibility.

Or, more accurately, black privilege defined.

Having to maintain your car is obviously a form of vehicular discrimination…[Minneapolis police no longer to ticket for equipment violations under new policy: Mpls. policy is intended to address racial disparities., Minneapolis Star-Tribune, January 30, 2020].

When civilized methods fail, the law of the jungle takes over

Did The Oscars Forget Something?