Never forget the media’s blind eye to Obama’s corruption

Further proof that Country music is dead, dead, dead

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Grammy-winning duo Dan + Shay lead the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards with six nominations for Dan Smyers and five for Shay Mooney and helped pop star Justin Bieber earn his first-ever ACM noms.

Liberals pussyfying the MARINES!

As states continue to grapple with the passionate debate over whether to display statues and other tributes to Confederate leaders, Marines have been told the materials won’t be tolerated on any of the Corps’ installations.

Commandant Gen. David Berger last week instructed top Marine leaders to remove Confederate-related paraphernalia from the service’s bases worldwide. The directive is one of several forward-leaning initiatives Berger said he is “prioritizing for immediate execution.”

The media are outraged that former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich had to serve only eight years out of a fourteen-year sentence for corruption.  They say it sends a bad message that political corruption is OK.  But what is outrageous and sends a message that political corruption is OK is when the Justice Department, most of the media, and other Democrats didn’t care about the massive political corruption of Barack Obama throughout his political life and supported him no matter what he did.

Obama was above the law.

In 2004, then–Illinois senator Obama stole one million dollars of taxpayer money, disguised as a grant, and gave it to his wife’s employer, where family friend Valerie Jarrett happened to be a director.  Jarrett had hired Michelle as an executive at $120,000 per year.

After the hospital got the million, Michelle got a $197,000 raise to $317,000 for what seemed to be a part-time job.  (I am sure all of us can relate to a 200% raise or a $317,000 salary.)  Michelle’s main job was to dump low-income, unprofitable patients onto other hospitals (the Obamas have always been so compassionate and empathetic).  To tell the poor how good this was, the hospital hired David Axelrod, a campaign adviser for Obama.  Later on, they hired the corrupt family friend Eric Whitaker in an executive position.

In summary, Senator Obama stole taxpayer money to pay family, friends, and political supporters.

How often, in Illinois and throughout the country, do politicians steal money to benefit themselves?  How many politicians, family members, and friends have gotten extremely rich while burying their snouts in the public trough?

Everyone should remember that when the media say the government is short of money, the private sector is greedy, and people don’t pay their fair share, taxpayer money is used to enrich politicians and bureaucrats.  After all, several of the richest counties in the U.S. are around D.C. where they produce nothing.

In 2005, after Michelle got the $197,000 raise, the Obamas were now able to buy the Hyde Park mansion they craved.  They paid $1,650,000, a discounted price.  But the house was not enough.  They also craved the vacant piece of land next door, and they couldn’t afford it.  Luckily, the corrupt Tony Rezko could afford the full $625,000 asking price after Blago and Obama had helped funnel millions of taxpayer funds to him, supposedly for housing developments.  Rezko didn’t need the property, so why did he buy it other than as a kickback to Obama?

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