New MCU Disney+ Show Continues Phase 4’s New Avengers Team Setup

The West Coast Avengers setup continues in Phase 4, as the new Wonder Man Disney+ show signals the team joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that the original Avengers team is no more, the MCU is assembling multiple rosters of superteams after Avengers: Endgame. There will certainly be another version of the main Avengers team, while the Young Avengers and Thunderbolts are unquestionably forming too. Recent news of a Wonder Man TV show happening at Disney+ supports the theory that the West Coast Avengers are also part of Marvel Studios’ plan.

Theories about the West Coast Avengers’ MCU future started shortly after Marvel Studios began revealing their plans for Disney’s streaming service. Giving characters like Vision, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and US Agent prominent roles in Phase 4 lined up with each of their roles on the secondary Avengers team. The debut of White Vision in WandaVision only fueled that belief, since White Vision served as a major member of the team. Meanwhile, Hawkeye continued to tease the West Coast Avengers’ formation in the MCU’s future after mentioning Kate Bishop’s aunt Moira Brandon, who gave the team their headquarters in the comics.

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Wonder Man is another key character in the West Coast Avengers, so Marvel Studios’ decision to give him a Disney+ show is quite telling. There is no confirmation that Simon Williams’ superhero form will take part in this MCU team, as a spot on the main new Avengers team is also possible. It does appear that the MCU is already thinking about a West Coast adventure for Wonder Man, though. Early reports suggest it could be a Hollywood satire series that takes advantage of Simon Williams’ time as a celebrity actor and stuntman when he is not fighting crime. This story idea would surely mean a setting in California and further pave the way for him to help form the West Coast Avengers.

Marvel Studios developing a Wonder Man TV show is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that the West Coast Avengers are on the horizon. Simon Williams is an original member of the team under Hawkeye’s leadership. The MCU is well-positioned to match the original roster if War Machine and Laura Barton’s Mockingbird join Wonder Man and Hawkeye. The only character missing so far is Tigra, but she could be replaced by Moon Knight, US Agent, White Vision, or Scarlet Witch. They all joined later iterations of the team and already exist in the MCU.

It would make a lot of sense for Wonder Man to continue Disney+’s role in setting up the West Coast Avengers. As the MCU keeps growing and branching out, forming a team specifically on the West Coast would make sense. Instead of keeping New York as the central location of the shared universe’s storytelling, establishing a team on the opposite side of the country could help Ant-Man, Wasp, Shang-Chi, and others remain actively involved. Now it will be fascinating to see if and how Wonder Man potentially sets up the West Coast Avengers for Phase 4 and beyond.

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Author: Cooper Hood