News Roundup

Okay, I took her entire post. There, I said it. Just because it was full of good links to great articles. Now you my reader, do go to her blog and read it all. She has many great posts today and everyday. Bookmark her site for sure. And unlike so many sites, she does not fill up blank spaces and between paragraphs with useless advertising. So, now go to Splendid Isolation.…………

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leading to the question:  why the fuck did they get stimulus checks to start off with?  (This is the same government that the Left wants to run healthcare and pretty much everything else.)

to which my response is:  fuck off, Dumbledore.

which is what happens when you give low-level flunkies power over other people by over-broad restrictions.

and whoever is making these claims should be flogged in the public square.  Especially if they’re non-Europeans wearing jeans and using cell phones.

which is okay.  We Murkins have other places we can visit, until the Euros come to their senses and decide they can’t do without out Yankee tourist dollars.  And we may or may not come back, because if we want to see anarchist punks rioting in cities, we can do that right here by visiting Seattle, Austin or New York.

And now three related headlines:

and to paraphrase some other smart guy:  Don’t trust Pakistan.  Pakistan is asshole.

…yeah, I know it’s satire.  Fake, but accurate.

somebody needs to remind me why we don’t impose mandatory execution of people convicted of this.  Maybe that would shut these fucking perverts up.

to the surprise of precisely… nobody.

And now, one example of how to do things properly:

…and another way which will lead to failure:

which would be like going to a restaurant, but not being allowed to eat or drink anything.  Morons.