News Roundup

From Splendid Isolation:

Commentary that’s a lot shorter and even less sweet.

I dunno;  maybe it’s because we don’t like being lied to by a bunch of incompetent, power-hungry assholes?  And speaking of which:

I’d like to believe you, Dottore, but I have a policy of not believing anything Italian unless it contains “Ferrari” or “Maserati” in the sentence, and sometimes not even then.

I’m generally not a fan of unions and strikes;  but I can’t help thinking they have a legit grievance, here.

Chinkvirus hates Jews AND Arabs?  But wait:

what:  it’s raaayyyycisss too?  No cure or vaccine needed:  just cancel it!  (No links because bullshit)

and the rest think he’s in the LATE stages of dementia.

just shows how out of touch he is.  Nikes don’t need no shining, fool;  they gets dirty, we jus’ take a brick an’ go get some more.

well, that’s Minnesota fucked, then.  And this just in:

and next, all books will be banned from Minnesota schools because printing is White supremacist — who decided that all paper should be white, anyway? #GutenbergWasANazi

but who was this thug who got all stabby?

no doubt he was feeling left out because BLM and Pantifa were getting all the headlines.

so what you’re saying, Fuckface, is that you and yours will launch a revolution against a legally-elected president?  Challenge accepted.

he’s dead, so he can’t defend himself, so nobody cares about some has-been tart’s ramblings. And for those Readers who don’t know who this washed-up whiner is, here’s what Cassidy saw, back in the day.

Now I’m not saying she asked for it, but I can understand a young man’s hormones going into lift-of