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The word ninja comes from the Japanese word shinobi, which means “secret warrior” or “penetrator”. The first use of the word ninja in a Western context was in a 1974 article by British journalist Robert Craise in the New York Times. The first use of the word in a Japanese context was in a 1909 school textbook by Arata Ichitaro. He used the term in reference to a school of martial arts training he had founded in Tokyo.

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The word ninja comes from the Japanese word shinobi, which refers to a person who is stealthy, silent, and undetected. The word became synonymous with the stealthy and mysterious assassins of Japanese folklore, who were said to have supernatural abilities such as being able to hide in plain sight and walk through walls. Over time, the word came to refer to the Japanese spies and secret agents who were part of the government and military. Most of the original ninja today are considered to have been part of the feudal state, although there are some who believe that the ninja were much more than simple spies; they were, in many ways, the founding fathers of Japanese culture and society.

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The word ninja is a Japanese word that translates to “those who die without honor.” Today, the word is commonly used to describe someone who is an expert in stealth and is often associated with the Japanese movie industry and video games. But, who were the original ninja? The first ninja were members of an ancient Japanese military class known as the bushi.

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The word ninja also comes from the Japanese word for “privileged information”, which refers to the secretive ways of the feudal warrior class. The first recorded use of the word was in a 1330 poem by a samurai poet. For centuries, warriors of Japan have used the skills of the ninja to serve their cause. Most notably, the ninja have been known to infiltrate the enemy ranks, carry out missions with extreme stealth and cunning and return without being detected.

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