No Change on the Way to No Cash

Started noticing all stores in our part of Iowa put up signs to either have correct change, or use credit/debit cards. ONLY! And they only round UP if you do not have the correct change, never round DOWN! For the fun of it, I go to my bank with a 20 dollar bill and ask for a roll of quarters and dimes…..sorry, we do not have any rolls of change! WTF????? One day, change all over the place, the next day, no fucking change by any store? This to me is government telling all banks and stores to hide all the fucking change to force people to either have the correct change or use a credit/debit card. Forcing us, all of us, throughout the USA, to move in the direction of a CASHLESS society. After all, it is easier for the government to keep track of us via credit/debit card use than via cash. Bet soon there will be a shortage of one dollar and 2 dollar and 5 dollar bills! Maybe even 10’s and 20′???? Stay tuned on that one….


When people are terrified, it is hard for them to think – which probably explains why they seem unable to now. Can it possibly be a coincidence that as the number of “cases” endlessly reported is increasing, the amount of change available at stores is all of a sudden decreasing?

Could the two be  . . . connected somehow?

Is it credible that – all of a sudden and right now – there’s no change in the till, just by chance? When such shortages have never happened before?

Do you suppose it is possible this purported “shortage” of coins is contrived – to push people toward not using cash?

It’s a thought you’d think more people would have. One that might raise some questions in their minds.

But then, they don’t seem to think very much about the “cases,” either.

Instead, they are scared – terrified. And – not surprisingly – passive. Terror, psychologists will tell you, induces torpor. It frazzles the cognitive apparatus. There is a reason why rabbits freeze when confronted with a predator.

Americans, lots of them, have become lagomorphic. They freeze – paralyzed by the fear instilled by the predator. They are shocked into submission (the Soviets styled their front-line troops shock troops for a reason; it is not a coincidence that the applicators of state terrorism under the Great Decider also used the term, shock and awe – as a paralytic agent).

They could, of course act.

The “peaceful protestors” showed it is possible. But the “peaceful protestors” are not lagomorphic – perhaps the last Americans to not have descended to rabbithood. Their motives – and morals – are not the point here.

The point is they didn’t freeze.

If America is to be saved, it will take Americans – with good motives and morals – unfreezing. Which if they did so would avoid an actual fight and the possibility of general destruction and mindless mayhem that could easily exceed that of a previous example of what happens when people freeze when confronted by predators.

It only took a handful of Lenin’s Bolshevik thugs to gain control of St. Petersburg in Russia – because most of the city’s residents froze in terror. They let the thugs take over. They served as the silent ballast of the Communist Revolution – and many didn’t live to regret it.

Today’s Bolshevists are also a handful. The media, as it is styled, is in fact the property of a few very large corporations and these corporations are controlled by at most a few dozen people, who want you to hear about the cases but never the 99-plus percent recovery from them or the 80-plus percent no symptoms from them. Every day, as many times per day as possible.

To lagomorphize you into statuary. So as to acclimate you to a cashless society in which you will no longer have the capability to protest – peacefully or otherwise. How will you eat when they can take away your work and your food and everything else – by making it impossible for you to pay except using their digital payment system, contingent on your being a very good little lagomorph?

It ought to get people to think. Why is the media – the word implies a great panoply of news outlets and thousands of reporters and commentators – uniform in its reporting and commentary?

Why does one almost never hear a reporter or commentator within the media putting the “cases” into context – in the manner of “cases” of dandruff, say?

Or asking why, all of a sudden, people are being pressured to not use cash?

It is because, like Lenin’s Bolshevist Shock troops, the media is in fact a small cohort in terms of who controls it. But because it controls practically all “mainstream” reporting and commentary, it can fabricate the perception of saturation consent, which leads to actual consent.

Or rather, shellshocked submission.

A thinking person – as opposed to a fear-frozen lagomorph – might wonder why the sudden re-urgency of Face Diapering when there is palpably less – if any – reason to Diaper. The “cases” may be up but the death count isn’t just down, it’s practically disappeared. In fact – italicized to emphasis that it is a fact – the ratio of “cases” to deaths is so lopsided as to make the fear absurd.

To a thinking brain.

But a brain frozen is another thing.

And now, there’s no change. The rabbits freeze, again.

There is a story about another lagomorph named Zinoviev. He was one of Lenin’s Bolshevist Shock troops who specialized in freezing people via terror. When it wheeled around on him under Stalin, he froze, too. He could not believe, as he descended the steps of the Lubyanka to where his blood would soon flow into the river of blood unleashed by himself, that it was now his turn to bleed.

He didn’t round on his executioners and at least try to gouge an eye or kick a shin or even stand on his feet like a man.

Instead, he froze – and then begged.

It was an embarrassing end – one his executioners told stories of and laughed at.

What stories will one day be told about this generation of frozen lagomorphic Americans?



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