Nolte: Virginia Proves Democrats’ Top Priority Is to Confiscate Your Guns

No Democrats in Virginia ran on gun confiscation, but that was the first thing Virginia’s Democrats tried to do once they obtained that power.

Oh, I know a backlash eventually forced Virginia Democrats to back off the confiscation idea, and that it is more of a “Confiscation-Lite” proposal now, one where you can either register your guns with the government or have them taken away. That’s not my point.

My point is that confiscation was the Democrats’ top priority after obtaining power. My point is that it was a bait-and-switch, and not in a crazed, left-wing state like California. This is Virginia we’re talking about. A southern state; the home of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington; a largely rural state that is unfortunately plagued with big blue population centers.

Here’s a rundown of how the bait-and-switch worked.

As my colleague AWR Hawkins reported, in order to distract from his blackface scandal, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam first proposed gun confiscation last January.

During the election that took place the following November, however, no Virginia Democrats ran on agreeing with this proposal.

But then, within days of grabbing hold of total control of all three legislative branches in Virginia, we learned that…

Virginia lawmakers are now considering a state law banning the ownership of certain semi-automatic guns deemed “assault firearms” and limiting the magazine capacity of other firearms in the state — and there are no clauses that would allow existing owners to continue possessing them.

Virginia state Sen. Richard Saslaw introduced SB16, which would expand the definition of an “assault firearm” to cover many different semi-automatic rifles and pistols. The bill would call for the ban of such firearms, barring people from purchasing, possessing, selling or transferring those weapons.

Among the changes in firearm definitions, the bill would expand the term “assault firearm” to include semi-automatic centerfire rifles and pistols with a fixed magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds. The bill would also ban semi-automatic rifles and pistols with detachable magazines that also have folding and telescoping stocks, barrel shrouds, and thumbhole grips and second hand grips.

Boom! Wham! Gun-grabbing!

Straight out of the gate, gun-grabbing.

And the only thing that stopped Democrats from confiscating guns, from making thousands of law-abiding American outlaws with the stroke of a pen, was an unexpected and unexpectedly belligerent pushback from rural counties in Virginia, over a hundred of them that promised to defy these extremist laws through sanctuary counties.

To date, some 118 Virginia counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. This all happened within weeks of the Democrat takeover and the confiscation threat. What this means is that in these particular countries, local law enforcement agree to not enforce anti-gun laws, especially dangerous radical ones like confiscation, bans, mandatory registration, and limiting the size of magazines.

It was only after this that Democrats finally backed down to what I call a “Confiscation-Lite” proposal where you can either agree to register what the government declares an “assault weapon” or you can hand it over.

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