Only Cops should have guns

Michael Bloomberg wants you to believe that gun control is about saving lives, but when a civilian uses his gun to save over 200 people’s lives, he doesn’t talk about the lives saved, nor does he congratulate the person who saved those lives.

Instead, he talks about how those people shouldn’t have had those guns because the only people responsible enough to make a decision about saving your life are the cops.

So essentially, our control over those 200 plus lives is more important than your ability to save those same lives. So to Bloomberg, if you use your gun to save lives, he doesn’t care because you’re not a cop.

I can tell you right now, I’ve had more firearm training than a lot of cops and I know a ton of people who have had more firearm training than a lot of cops.

At the same time, I know a good number of cops who have way more training than me, the first person who taught me how to shoot is a cop.

Becoming a cop doesn’t instantly make you John Wick anymore than me carrying a gun makes me Django.

Let’s not forget how in 2005 the Supreme Court affirmed that police have no constitutional duty to protect members of the public from harm. Nor do they have any liability for not protecting you, so a cop can literally let you be shot and he bears no liability.

Yet, Michael “I’m Better than you because I’m a billionaire” Bloomberg rather the people in that church have no guns and hope the shooter didn’t kill them before the cops arrived.

That’s how little Micheal Bloomberg thinks of people who are not billionaires. Give us your guns and depend on the government exclusively for your protection even though technically, we don’t have to protect you.

Bloomberg is 70 years old, Jack Wilson, the man that shot the shooter was also 70 years old. The only difference between Wilson and Bloomberg is Bloomberg has armed security everywhere he goes, Wilson only has his handgun.

There are over 600,000 cops in this country and over 300,000,000 million people spread out across this country. The average response time for cops is 9 minutes.

It took all of 6 seconds for a shooter to kill two people and then be shot by the armed church member. Yet and still this walking corpse has the audacity to get up on national television and tell everyone that only the police should have guns.

Here’s the crazy thing. Wilson was part of the volunteer security team at the church where at least 7 other church members had guns and Bloomberg doesn’t think they should have guns to protect their church, but when it comes to his alma mater John Hopkins university he literally said, “The Lack of Armed Security is Irrational”.

Bloomberg is a Statist who believes the only people who should have any power in the country are the government.

Then again I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the same guy who tried to ban large soda sizes in New York and suggested that young minority males should be banned from having guns and now here he is making a statement that is ten times worse than anything Beto said.

Beto said he was going to take our AR15 and AK47s, Bloomberg is saying we shouldn’t have guns period because you’re not responsible enough to protect your own life, only the cops are.

This is literally why the 2nd Amendment was written. When they wrote the second amendment, there was a picture of Bloomberg hanging on the wall that said, this is why we are writing this. Keep America Tactical