Our Founding Fathers

Before dogfighting was a thing, enemy pilots would simply exchange waves or shake their fists at one another. At the beginning of WWI, recon pilots would often resort to throwing bricks, grenades, and even rope in hopes that it would get entangled in the enemy’s propeller. SOURCE

Imagine you are a soldier in the trenches and you get killed by a freaking brick!!

Michael Bloomberg has made an ass of himself recently, even more so than usual. Let me stipulate first of all that I’m sick of hearing his idiotic commercials over YouTube or wherever, and it only increases my hatred for him. But beyond that, there are a few things we should cover.

Two conservative activists were mobbed and harassed Monday on Ohio University’s Athens campus while multiple police officers watched.

Kaitlin Bennett, who rose to fame as the Kent State “gun-girl,” and radio host Joel Patrick went to campus to film a “man-on-the-street” video for President’s Day. But various videos from their time on campus show students repeatedly surrounding Bennett, calling her names, and throwing items at her, including hot coffee.