Beer Making Kit

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Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Complete Starter Beer Making Kit Perfect for Beginners, Designed for Quick and Efficient Homebrewing, Premium Gold Edition Best beer Kit for Beginners - our beer kits are designed for the first-time brewer in mind. Step-by-step instructions, simple ingredients and easy to use brewing equipment.Only takes 30 minutes to brew up a batch - using our hopped Malt extract you can brew up a batch of beer in less than 30 minutes. This kit is ideal for those who don’t want to spend 8 hours brewing beer.Includes the best ingredients to get started - brewing with Mr.…

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How to Start Prepping Before Its Too Late: Complete Guide

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In light of recent events transpiring around the world, its now more important than ever before to have an disaster preparedness plan. In this video I provide an overview of prepping for beginners using the 'Prepping Pyramid'; a system to help you prioritize your planning.

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Iran Ends Commitment to Nuclear Deal It Never Abided By in The First Place

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The New York Times reports that “Iran’s government said it was ending all its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal and that it would no longer limit its enrichment of uranium.” The announcement came after Iran’s National Security Council held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the country’s nuclear policy in the aftermath of Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani’s assassination. The statement said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran will end its final limitations in the nuclear deal, meaning the limitation in the number of centrifuges. Therefore Iran’s nuclear program will have no limitations in production including enrichment capacity and percentage…

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Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

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Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – The Fast, Easy, and Powerful Tool for Wood, Leather, Craft, Paper, Fabric, and DIY. The Ultimate Hobby Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine YOUR IDEA, IN YOUR HANDS, IN MINUTES – Push the button and the powerful 40 watt laser creates meaningful gifts for your friends, unique products to sell, or something personalized just for you.SIMPLY AUTOMATIC– Autofocus. Material detection. Automatic print settings. Just pick your drawing, PDF, or photo, add one of dozens of household materials, and click print.FREE SOFTWARE & 30 MINUTE SETUP– There's nothing to install - the free app works with…

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A Scorecard on the First Decade after the Arab Spring

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Today, the Middle East is a combination of confused Arab nation-states that have shown their weakness and incapacity to contain the Iranian threat. The instability of Arab regimes allows the formation of sectarian and extremist Islamic militias that threaten the Middle Eastern and world order. The disintegration of the Middle East nation-states has placed the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on hold. Turkey, with its Muslim Brotherhood leader, President Erdogan, has adopted an unprecedented activist and aggressive policy. Turkey was deeply involved in facilitating the introduction of ISIS fighters from Europe and Asia into Syria and Iraq. Turkey’s intelligence services…

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Bad Ass Paratrooper of WWII

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US paratrooper Joseph Beyrle served with the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. Prior to the start of the Normandy invasions, Beyrle jumped twice into occupied France to coordinate, provide arms, and money to several French resistance units. He then jumped into France on D-Day, destroyed a enemy gun emplacement, was captured, escaped, and captured again. He was beaten nearly to death, his uniform and dog tags were taken from him. A German soldier attempted to infiltrate US lines dressed in Beyrle's uniform and was killed. The US War Department believed Beyrle had been killed in combat and notified…

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Frenby Portable WiFi Smart Speaker

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Frenby Portable WiFi Smart Speaker, Stand-Alone Alexa Built-in, Touch, Stream Online Music, Smart Home Control, Voice Control, AI Assistant, Clip-Type (Black) Frenby is a small A.I. assistant with Amazon Alexa. It works by connecting to WiFi. It also has a battery so you can use it on the go.It is wearable, there is a clip to attach to the body, and lanyard is provided for the convenience of the user.Because Frenby is wearable, you can move around at home, at the office, or at work, control peripherals and get information. It also has a light(0.88 oz) and small size, which…

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The Allman Brothers Band to Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Tribute Show

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Surviving members of the last Allmans lineup will reunite for an evening of all-Allmans music and jams.In 2014 — when the Allman Brothers Band decided the time had come to stop touring — the band briefly discussed a show at New York’s Madison Square Garden. In the end, the group opted for a series of farewell performances at another Manhattan venue, the Beacon Theatre, where they had long done residences.But on March 10, about six years after the band’s goodbye, that dream of a Garden event will become a reality. To pay tribute to the band’s 50th anniversary year, the…

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Home Brew Winemaking Kit

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Product features ;Great starter equipment kit for winemakingIncludes de-gassing wand much, much moreMake 6 gallons of high quality home-brewed wine Product description This excellent winemaking Kit includes winemaking equipment is one of the most complete equipment kits you will find. This fine wine Kit includes a 6 gallon glass carboy and more. See complete contents below. The fine wine Kit includes: 7.8 gallon primary fermenting bucket with drilled and grommet lid, 6 gallon glass carboy with rubber stopper, 3-Piece airlock (for fermenting bucket), adhesive thermometer (for fermenting bucket), glass triple scale hydrometer, auto-siphon with 5' of flexible tubing and dual…

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Only Cops should have guns

  • Post Author: Michael Bloomberg wants you to believe that gun control is about saving lives, but when a civilian uses his gun to save over 200 people's lives, he doesn’t talk about the lives saved, nor does he congratulate the person who saved those lives. Instead, he talks about how those people shouldn’t have had those guns because the only people responsible enough to make a decision about saving your life are the cops. So essentially, our control over those 200 plus lives is more important than your ability to save those same lives. So to Bloomberg, if you use your…

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