The moral high ground

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I thought COVID was old news. Anyway, this is strange: Couples "Should Wear Masks During Sex" In COVID World, 'Experts' Advise NY Times Op-Ed: White People Should Stop Talking To Relatives Until They Support BLM. With money? I do not even know what BLM wants besides my money. Everybody wants my money. If you're not Black but want to support BLM, having fraught conversations with your kinda (or definitely) racist loved ones will likely not be fun, but it’s a very worthy undertaking. Written by a young white lady, of course. She probably never tried to run even a candy shop. If…

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The Gospel According to Peter Thiel

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Wherever there’s a major shift in the American landscape, one can usually find Silicon Valley’s iconoclastic investor. Michael Gibson still remembers his first day working for Peter Thiel. Like many of Thiel’s hires, he’d met the contrarian investor through several of the PayPal founder’s variously eccentric political ventures. A onetime self-described “unemployed writer in L.A.,” who’d left a doctoral program in philosophy at Oxford, Gibson had met Thiel through his work at the Seasteading Institute, a Thiel-funded attempt to create a libertarian “floating city” in international waters. Then Thiel asked him to help teach a class at Stanford Law School…

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A Thing I would Like to Defund: the University

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The latest Democrat "talking/screaming point"? Defund the police. Yes, because nothing says you love poor people more than putting them in the hands of criminals. Yes, the same folks who tell us we citizens should not have guns, and only the police should, now want to do away with the police. Makes sense. Nancy Pelosi, will you "defund" the wall around your palatial estate in San Francisco? Disarm your guards? But, OK, as long as we are in libertarian mode of cutting government services, I would suggest, for starters, that we defund public education, especially the universities. In fact, I…

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Rioters Don’t Want Criminal Justice Reform — They Want A Revolution

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The white privilege on display here is on the left, where radical whites play at revolution, often to the detriment of poor minorities. These rioters aren’t Martin Luther King Jr. or even Malcolm X. They are Alex and his droogs from “A Clockwork Orange” out for a night on the town, albeit with less style and a duller patois. Violence is the point. Protests responding to the cruel police killing of George Floyd have been turned into nationwide riots and looting. This is not about Floyd anymore. His killing was universally condemned, the cops involved were fired, and homicide charges have been…

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