Are You Ready For This?!

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Are You Ready For This?! ======= Flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’ found in China ======= That would be a “NEW”, Flu Virus. ======= A new strain of flu that has the potential to become pandemic has been identified in China by scientists. It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say. The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak. They say it has “all the hallmarks” of being highly adapted to infect humans – and needs close monitoring. As it’s…

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The West: Breeding Ravens

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Madness and Chaos: The Left in the Time of Trump In the late 1950s, the now sadly departed great Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe wrote his masterpiece, Things Fall Apart . I remember readin........... The West: Breeding Ravens I remember an old Spanish saying my grandmother and my mother would throw at me whenever either or both felt I had acted in a disrespectful, stupid, ungrateful or uncivilized manner, "¡Críacuervos y te sacaran los ojos!" ("Breed ravens and they will pluck out your eyes!") In other words, of course, your own kin will turn on you because they often are, to put it…

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Dad of teen murdered by illegal immigrant says Black Lives Matters ignored his son ‘I’m black, where’s our help?’

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The reason BLM never gives a damn about real black people like this man's son, or the 104 shot in Chicago by other people of color.  They're a fraud!  They're nothing but another extortion machine squeezing money out of guilt ridden white folks and confused black people.Fox News reports the father of a black teen murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008 told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday that because his son's case was not a matter of police brutality, he received no support from the Black Lives Matter Movement and was forced to mourn on the "sidelines" by African-American leaders. "It seems like Black Lives Matter only focuses on…

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News Roundup

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Okay, I took her entire post. There, I said it. Just because it was full of good links to great articles. Now you my reader, do go to her blog and read it all. She has many great posts today and everyday. Bookmark her site for sure. And unlike so many sites, she does not fill up blank spaces and between paragraphs with useless advertising. So, now go to Splendid Isolation............. Powered by Short&Pithy Commentary Engines. …leading to the question:  why the fuck did they get stimulus checks to start off with?  (This is the same government that the Left wants to…

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Ex-DNI Dick Grenell Shreds Democrat’s Russia Bounty Scandal Narrative: ‘I Never Heard This’

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This is the start of something that will not go down to fucking well......... Botox Addict Pelosi: National Face Mask Mandate Is ‘Long Overdue’ WFB: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Sunday said a national mandate that requires everyone to wear a face mask is “long overdue.” “My understanding, that the Centers for Disease Control has recommended the use of masks but not required it because they don’t want to offend the president,” Pelosi said on ABC’s This Week. “Their president should be [an] example. You know, real men wear masks. Be an example to the country and wear the mask.…

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Anonymous Social Media Post

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This is a coup - AMERICA IS TOAST. WAKE UP. I rarely post but I gotta say this because nobody really wants to believe it. But look at the facts.It is obvious to me that America has just been through a takeover by hostile forces. A coup. First we were crushed economically, and now pretty much literally. Ask yourself why the cops were told to stand down in many major democratic cities while wild animals run around with guns, bricks, and molotov cocktails. The rule of law has been usurped and only used on certain races now. Justice isn't blind,…

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The Sunrise Movement Preplanned The Minneapolis Riots, They Just Were Awaiting For A Trigger, To Initiate A Riot With Precision

  • Post Author: ======= DatedBy Capt Joseph R. John, June 18, 2020: Op Ed # 494 By watching the above video, you will understand what The Sunrise Movement is, and why so many young white students are being recruited by them. The Sunrise Movement teaches students that White Supremacy is the reason for Systemic Racism in the US and that Climate Change is a white problem. For two years, the left of center liberal media establishment covered up the facts about The Sunrise Movement’s recruiting and training program. The video outlines the two year, behind the scenes, training program of white students,…

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Top 5 Norm MacDonald Moments

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The Associated Press is reporting that a huge explosion occurred on Friday that rattled Tehran and lit up the horizon. The site of the blast was a region where many nuclear experts believe Iran conducted high-explosive tests relating to its nuclear program.MORE ======= Trump signs executive order to protect monuments after calling for arrests in statue-removal attempt outside White House President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday to protect monuments, memorials and statues facing new scrutiny amid fresh debate over the nation’s racist beginnings. Trump had promised to take action earlier this week after police thwarted an attempt by…

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A Coup Against Our Institutions

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The systematic campaign to undermine an incoming presidential administration through politicized investigations is a true constitutional crisis....... Matthew Spalding, a scholar of the Constitution and dean of Hillsdale College’s Van Andel Graduate School of Government in Washington, D.C., has written an important essay on the troubling possibility that the treatment of General Michael Flynn by the Obama administration and, later, by holdovers in the FBI, the Justice Department, and the CIA, represents not just a personal disaster for Flynn—who was, for a week or so, President Trump’s national security advisor—but also a brewing constitutional crisis for the United States. Many commentators, myself…

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Political memes sure to offend those liberals

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Today, Apple history happened.......... 1975 – Steve Wozniak tested his first prototype of Apple I computer........... 2007 – Apple Inc. releases their first mobile phone, the iPhone. I have an iPhone. I keep buying them. Dunno what model I got now.

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