Jane Fonda Saves the Planet From Herself

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Last year, Jane Fonda sold her “eco-conscious” Beverly Hills mansion, with its 7,102 square feet on a 36,000 square foot lot enclosing a his and her master suite, a glass elevator, 5 bathrooms, glass walls, fireplaces, a fountain, a meditation garden, a fully stocked gym, a pavilion with heat lamps, and a huge pool for $8.5 million after she found no takers at its original $13 million sale price. “This was the first time in my 79 years,” Fonda enunciates with the deep pathos of an orphan finally getting a full meal as the camera zooms through the cavernous interior…

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Titan WarriorCord

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Titan WarriorCord | 103 FEET, 620 LB. TENSILE Strength | Exceeds MIL-SPEC Type III 550 Paracord Strength Standards. 7-Strand, 5/32" Diameter, Military-Style Parachute Cord, with Free eBooks. EXTREMELY STRONG: Rated at over 620 LBS, Titan 550 Paracord exceeds MIL-C-5040-H, Type III strength specifications so that you know you can count on it when it matters.THE PERFECT CORDAGE: Titan Paracord is the perfect utility cord for Home & Auto Emergency Kits, Camping, Hunting, Survival Kits, Disaster Prep, Bug-Out Bags, and Crafting projects. From Para-Cord Lanyards and Bracelets, to Dog Collars and Belts…There is no limit to what you can use the…

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Underground dome house

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https://youtu.be/RoGuvvzHY1A Paula and Bill Lishman spent many winters in a poorly-insulated A frame cabin before realizing they needed to go underground to use the earth’s energy to stay warm, so they knocked the top off a hill, dropped in ferro-cement domes and covered it up again with dirt. Thanks to skylights cut into every dome and the white-powdered marble that covers the interior, their earth-sheltered home is naturally well-lit despite being below the frost line. Fifteen feet below ground, the soil temperature remains about equal to the annual average temperature of the area’s surface air so earth-sheltered homes use sod’s…

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Cardi B Says She’s Moving to Nigeria Thanks to Trump

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https://youtu.be/jkChJ_tnFXM Cardi B says she’s applying for Nigerian citizenship thanks to Donald Trump’s handling of Iran. Because apparently, privileged leftists think it’s worth leaving the country to escape an America led by a president they don’t like – even if it means trading freedom and liberty for an oppressive, violent, impoverished human rights dumpster fire. Whoever in the hell she is....but surely we can get more of the black people who hate Trump and AMerica to move to Africa? Like that ugly bitch whoopie fucking goldberg.

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