Wildlife Hunting Camera with Night Vision

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20MP Trail Camera 4K Game Camera, GRM Wildlife Hunting Camera with Night Vision Waterproof Security Camera 0.2s Trigger Time Motion Activated Support 256G TF Card (Not Included) Full HD 4K Video & 20MP Clearer Photo: GRM camera uses the latest CMOS sensor to capture full HD 4K video and 20MP clearer photos. Record every moment of vivid wildlife and natural beauty with rich details.Support 256G TF Card: GRM hunting camera has been upgraded to support up to 256G TF cards. Allows you to store more photos and videos without worrying about memory issues.0.2-0.5s Trigger Time and Night Vision: Only 0.2-0.5…

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I prefer toilet paper

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The Media Is Always, Always Wrong About Trump And National Security We should stop listening to the media on national security issues, since they are always wrong. As a captive audience, they make us accompany them through their stages of hysteria, and it's insufferable. Who in their right mind still reads this crap magazine???? Time Magazine Offers Guide on How Parents Can Brainwash Their Kids on Iran Suggests Soleimani was not a terrorist. Read it all HERE Democrats be like:

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The Truth about Mike Bloomberg 2020 Gun Violence ad

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https://youtu.be/WMqUrcRRH40 According to the FBI, the vast majority of gun deaths are committed with handguns, so I don’t think, “Illegal Guns” mean what Bloomberg thinks it means. Then again, Bloomberg thinks any gun in the hands of a civilian is an illegal gun. 65% of gun deaths in this country are suicides, there isn’t a gun control on the planet that’s going to stop those suicides unless you make all the guns disappear. Then you’ll have stopped suicides by gun, but that’s not saying much-considering places like Japan don’t allow civilian handgun ownership and they have twice the number of…

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Nelly’s Security 3MP WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

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Nelly's Security 3MP WiFi Video Doorbell Camera W/ 2 Way Audio, Onvif Compliant, PIR Motion Sensor, Night Vision, 16GB SD Card Pre-Installed, Includes 3 Face Plates The NSC-DB2 SHOOTS VIDEO AT 3MP @ 30 FPS. This is one step above FHD (Full High Definition) resolution, or 1080p. With this camera, you’ll be able to stream and record footage with 2048x1536 pixels, which will give you a picture that’s crisper and clearer than your standard high definition camera.USES YOUR EXISTING DOORBELL WIRING - Uses your existing wiring with a recommend voltage range of AC 16-24 to. Works with all Mechanical ChimesONVIF…

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