AC/DC set to release jigsaw puzzles based on classic albums

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AC/DC are planning to release jigsaw puzzles based on four classic album covers. The iconic rock band have announced that four of their album covers - 'High Voltage', 'For Those About To Rock', 'Blow Up Your Video' and 'Ballbreaker' - are to be transformed into jigsaw puzzles. The band - which was co-founded by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in 1973 - have announced that the puzzles will be made up of 500 pieces each and will be released on September 4. AC/DC are following in the footsteps of some other iconic groups whose album covers have already been turned…

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More fun stuff

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Some more memes, most will make you laugh, or at the least smile. Oh, and stay tuned, as later on I will be posting a bunch of NUDE WOMENS! Just for your enjoyment, and yes that post will be a limited time post. You either come back and get to see NUDE WOMENS, or you lose out.

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The science is settled, the facts are in

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The science is settled, the facts are in COVID is a sham, and masks are the bunk. I wore surgical masks daily for 36 years as an anesthesiologist. Their purpose was to reduce the chance that I would infect an open wound with bacteria from my mouth. This article of faith has been shown to be false. If staff who are working outside of the immediate sterile field do not wear masks, there is no increase in wound infections. And this is in a closed environment where staff will be present for hours. This casts a very large cloud of doubt on the utility of masks for COVID-19.Another…

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Joe Biden wants to make every person in the country wear a mask… forever.

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Saturday Snippet: Lest we forget! Given the parlous state of our nation in these troubled times, I thought we all might benefit from a reminder that all our worldly power, and energies, and ambitions, will eventually lead to our decline and fall - just as they have always done in human history.  Only if we "lift our eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh our help" will we learn humility and a better way. Kipling put it well in his poem "Recessional".  It was written for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, when the British Empire was at its zenith.  We aren't…

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“This fall, the air will be redolent of gunsmoke, I think, along with the burning leaves.”

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Weakness and BetrayalThe Rev. Bryan Dabney Brock,  It appears that the Mississippi Legislature is faced with a “full court press” involving an assortment of sports magnates, big business types, celebrities, well as a "who's who " list of past and current Republican officeholders all in a quest to change our state flag. And all of this is being done under the rubrics of “tolerance, inclusion and peace.” It’s a “fool’s errand” for the simple reason that any design they come up with will likely not pass muster with the Leftist malcontents.  They may have something in mind, or they may…

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Escape from Minneapolis and Seattle

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Escape from Minneapolis and Seattle Paul Craig Roberts Yesterday (June 26, 2020) the city council in Minneapolis (12 Democrats and 1 Green) unanimously voted to abolish the city’s police department.  For this measure to come into effect, city residents will have to approve it in a November election. By November the hamstrung police who are prevented from enforcing the laws on the books might all have resigned and moved away.  Regardless, as Minneapolis police are prevented from performing their duty, the Minneapolis voters who elected such a crazed government will possibly have been brought to their senses by violence and the absence…

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Conceived in the Back of a Model T Ford

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Here's What You Need To Remember: The T28 never saw combat. How would it have fared if it had? Its 105-millimeter cannon would have been sufficient to take out German pillboxes—and tanks as well. But more important for the U.S. Army in 1945, the T28’s foot-thick frontal armor would have rendered it proof against dreaded German antitank guns like the eighty-eight-millimeter. When it comes to tanks, America can only hope that size isn’t everything. During World War II, Germany had its armored giants, such as the seventy-ton King Tiger, the 188-ton Maus or the never-built P.1000, a thousand-ton behemoth that waddled…

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3 Things I Found On

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What is It Is A Pro-American (Nationalist), Pro-Trump, Pro-American Exceptionalism, And Pro-Western Values automated news aggregation website. is an automated, curated, rules based news aggregation website. If I wanted it to sound sexy, I could say it uses artificial intelligence to select news articles. It does not. It uses negative and positive keywords, data rules and curation to select news articles. When other news aggregaters have not updated any new news in hours, you can always depend on my trusty robot ancipient to work 24/7 to keep you updated. Ancipient is a new word, it means: an·cip·i·ent/anˈsipēənt/adjective in an initial…

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Massive Meme Dump

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Just a mass dump of memes, that run from funny to idiotic, from political to the virus hoax. Sure to be something for everyone in this post, even the ones that always get offended and pissed off!

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History on this day

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Today, in 1994 Anna Nicole Smith Marries 89-Year-Old Billionaire June 27, 1994 The 26 year-old topless dancer/playmate Anna Nicole Smith marries 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. He died a little more than a year later, leading to an extended legal battle over his estate.Quote: "I'm sick of being accused of gold-digging. It just so happens I get turned on by liver spots." ======== Today, in 1954 War For Profit June 27, 1954 The CIA director overthrows the democratically elected government of Guatemala to protect the profits of a company that he was on the board of directors of. The Guatemalan Revolution (1944-54) ends…

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