The most functional English word is SHIT

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Media TV Veteran Admits “We Are a Cancer and There is No Cure” MSNBC producer quits, citing corporate media’s war on “diversity of thought.” ======= A protest over the Confederate statue in Franklin’s downtown public square has attracted supporters and detractors, with both sides arguing in person and on social media. Protestors want the statue, which some people call “Chip,” removed from the premises. According to the City of Franklin’s website, the statue has overlooked downtown Franklin since 1899.MORE ======= The Federal Government and Yale are currently holding clinical trials on how best to persuade Americans into taking the Fauci-Gates…

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Latest about Beirut Blast

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“"Only criminals, dictators and democrats fear armed citizens."” ======= Today in 1964 – Vietnam War: Operation Pierce Arrow – American aircraft from carriers USS Ticonderoga and USS Constellation bomb North Vietnam in retaliation for strikes that reportedly attacked U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. Ten years later in 1974, after sacrificing 50,000 American lives through mismanagement of the war, Congress essentially strangles South Viet Nam by capping military aid at a billion dollars. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and and a couple million Cambodians then died was we “Give peace a chance”. ======= Latest about Beirut Blast  * At least 100 died and…

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A sad event happened today in history

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This morning, at my regular dentist for teeth cleaning. The at 1210pm, across the street from there at endodontist for a root canal on a front tooth. Survived both, and right now the anesthesia is just about gone and I can again feel my upper lip. Then next monday back to my regular dentist to replace the temporary filling with a permanent filling on the tooth. Oh, did I mention this is not freaking ass cheap? Because come monday morning, besides the permanent filling, impressions to be taken for a new upper appliance. Whatever stimulus the government passes out this…

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U.S. Plans to Build New Arctic Icebreaker Fleet

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A recent White House memo directs the Pentagon and other executive departments to provide a roadmap by early August for creating a security fleet of icebreaker ships, Fox News reported Monday. The move to acquire icebreaker ships signals Washington’s recognition of the Arctic and Antarctic regions' increasing geopolitical significance, as well as a willingness to stand up to China and Russia. The memo comes at a time when the United States has minimal strategic capabilities in the polar regions—there is not a single U.S. port in the Arctic capable of housing icebreaking ships. This shortcoming is addressed by the memo, which orders a search…

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Thank you for masking

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No mask debating here for sure. Oh, if you say that just a bit fast, it sounds dirty or something. Anyways, this one meme deserves it's own post! Even though right below the meme are two videos.... Now, do enjoy this one meme......... and laugh dammit, laugh-laugh-laugh!!!!!!!!

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