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The USAF Created a Mini Rifle That Fits in Its Ejection Seats

This compact M4 carbine helps aircrews stay alive until rescue.

I say, what the hell for?


Guest Post by Known Associate

Back in the day (think opium wars) the English crown was the purveyor of heroin to China, supplied by China’s very own relatively benign opium production.  It worked for awhile until China shook off the yoke and kicked them out.

Today, we have Bill “Daddy Warbugs” Gates as the purveyor of viruses to the entire globe.  He started back in the 1970s, by writing the first computer virus and using it as a vehicle for sales of anti-virus software.  Since then he has gotten a bit self-possessed (the Devil we know) and translated the concept to creating viruses of the mind, with which to infect humanity directly, though via his original medium.

It’s a simple matter to research who owns the patents to virtual (though not actual) deadly infectious agents of the body, such as Zica, H1N1, SARS etc. in our world today.

The thing is that so far, these bio-engineering attempts have been defeated by the God-given power of human immunity as far as the body human to defeat them.  Unfortunately, the co-temporal attempts to subvert our minds with fear and oppression have been relatively successful, since we have yielded to the “educational” component of the assault.

The sales plan today is to use this fear to sell “anti-virus” to humans directly, even though we have the strength to do without if we simply seek correct nourishment, mental and physical fitness.  Clearly, other industries are compliant, in order to degrade this innate human drive for fitness.

So what we have now is Daddy Warbugs as the Don of the new opium wars and his subjects such as Tony “The Mask” Fauci, the unpronounceable head of the WHO, and various politicians who have been suborned through ignorance, graft, or by having been filmed at Pedo Island.  They have given up on China and chosen to take on the Western world, with nothing but complete forced control of diet, drug intake and reproduction as the goal for dominance.  Beware the Dons and the Capos of the….