Quagsire Pokémon Fan Uses Icy Wind To Keep You Cool In Real Life

A custom, fully functioning cooling fan based on Pokémon Quagsire might be just the thing to keep Pokémon trainers cool this summer. Pokémon’s loyal fanbase is well known for creating several art pieces across all mediums and their endeavors have ranged from imaginative to industrious. Quagsire is no stranger to fan art as one fan saw fit to portray Quagsire as Family Guy‘s Quagmire in a debatably cursed image.

One of the best things about a franchise becoming as insanely popular as Pokémon is experiencing the unique fan art that the property inspires. Just one subsection of an art form, namely sculpting, is as diverse in methods as the game’s Pokédex. In terms of sculptures, fans have brought their favorite Pokémon to life in the forms of clay, LEGO blocks, 3D printing, hardwood, wool, and ice, to name a few. Alongside the creative use of the variety of mediums, fans also delight in taking artistic liberties with Pokémon designs, like this fan who created a sculpture of famous Ghost-type Pokémon Gengar. Even the purpose of such art pieces can range from beautifully decorative to functional practicality.

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In a more utilitarian example of Pokémon fan art, Twitter user Touyarokii revealed the existence of a clay sculpture of Water-type Pokémon Quagsire engineered into a working cooling fan by YouTuber KARA-KEN. The Quagsire sculpture is incredibly accurate in shape and color, preserving the soft and goofy look the Pokémon is known for. Though its mouth might be abnormally large in comparison, it does serve a practical function in allowing the maximum amount of air travel from the built-in cooling fan. Not content with merely installing a fan in an already impressive sculpture, KARA-KEN also rigged in custom LED lighting and streamers to give the fan a cool-looking effect worthy of its icy Mist and Haze attacks. KARA-KEN’s YouTube channel features other practical and detailed Pokémon sculpture projects, like a magnetic Meltan, while KARA’s Twitter, Karaageakinai, showcases many other Pokémon sculptures.

This practical Quagsire fan is one of the innumerable examples of how creative and often inventive dedicated Pokémon fans can be. The sheer size of Pokémon’s fanbase has allowed artisans of varying skills and designs to show off their work on a solid platform. Much like Touyarokii did for KARA-KEN, many of Pokémon’s vast fanbase are quick to spread awareness of most artists’ work, especially pieces so inventive as the Quagsire fan. It’s actually a testament to how connected the Pokémon community is and how much the fanbase not only enjoys the franchise, but also in celebrating the artistic achievements of other Pokémon fans.

When it comes to Pokémon, one would be hard-pressed to find what kind of art, decorative or functional, hasn’t already been made by its dedicated fanbase. Considering there are almost 900 Pokémon, with each possessing its own set of creative fans, artists will never be short of inspiration.

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Author: Lawrence Ortiz