Quotes on the Second Amendment

“No matter how many speeches a politician gives in favor of gun control, it’s a safe bet that his own bodyguards are still packing heat. Even if he’s giving a speech at a school or post office or other gun-free zone.

The Secret Service and other professional-bodyguard types apparently don’t trust the ability of “No guns allowed” signs to keep shooters from hitting their targets.

That’s the difference between public servants and the public they serve. Our servants’ lives are considered much too valuable to risk in a gun-free zone.“

– Jennifer Abel, Freelance Journalist, “Who has advantage in a gun-free zone?” Middletown Press.

“Just as the First and Fourth Amendment secure individual rights of speech and security respectively, the Second      Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. This view of the text comports with the all but unanimous understanding of the Founding Fathers.”      

– John Ashcroft

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