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There’s no use crying over stale beer.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, bars, restaurants and venues across the country have had to close dining and showrooms. As a result, a lot of beer that likely would have been sold has been left to go stale.

Fortunately, some distilleries have figured out a way to make sure this stale beer doesn’t go to waste.

WhistlePig, a farmhouse distillery, is using stale beer to brew whiskey, Bloomberg reports. According to the news outlet, the distillery is receiving 6,500 gallons of stale beer a day.

Here at 12 Round we are proud capitalists and there will never be enough freedom to satisfy us. These attitudes built this nation and when I visit other websites and encounter the sort of soviet attitudes that are prevalent, it is a shocking reminder of what is going on behind the scenes, behind the flags and official city, county and state edifices. Just because a building claims to be represented by the United States flag, that does not suggest (though it tries hard to do just that) that it has retained any semblance to American governance.

Those of us who value the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, were profoundly depressed, earlier this year, to see the speed and efficiency with which left-wing and progressive forces in Virginia rammed through a swath of anti-gun legislation within weeks of taking office there. They ignored the wishes of almost half the electorate, dismissed out of hand protests, declarations of “Second Amendment sanctuaries” and other objections, and shoved through a series of laws that emasculated important parts of the right to keep and bear arms. They haven’t finished yet, either – expect more such laws to come down the pike within the next year or two.

I have friends who are in a position to follow developments there “behind the scenes”. They informed me this week that Michael Bloomberg (who bankrolled the Democrat electoral victory in Virginia) and his anti-gun organizations have taken their victory in that state to heart. They told me that, according to their sources, anti-gun lawyers are drafting national legislation that’s intended to be rushed through Congress and the Senate as soon as Democrats have (they hope) taken control of both houses early next year. Basically, they’ll reshape US federal law concerning firearms in the image and likeness of what’s already been done in Virginia – and just as quickly, if not faster.