Rosie O’Donnell sees her shadow

A Navy chief is facing court-martial over allegations that her ship security team deployed without magazines for their firearms.

Chief Master at Arms Nicolasa R. Simmons, of the San Diego-based Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, is also charged with obstruction of justice for impeding a probe into the September 2018 incident by telling her watchstanders “not to report that the unit was not equipped with M4 and M9 magazines” while underway on board the fast transport Carson City, according to charge sheets obtained by Navy Times.

You want to see just how screwed up our world has become? Look no further than this story from corn country, Iowa, where a felon, convicted of no less than 15 sexual assaults against children aged 1 to 13, has turned justice on its head by declaring that he is now a woman. That is all the prosecutors and court had to hear. He/she/it/they are now a free man/woman/thing.

Vegans have a list of things that people should avoid doing in order to stay in compliance with their creed. Recently, the organization has targeted a favorite treat that people have enjoyed for decades: animal crackers.