Run around in a circle

For a while now Herschel has been letting me know that “anytime you feel like posting you still have access” and “if you feel like posting something, just go ahead because you still have posting privileges.” OK. I’ll admit I’m slow on the uptake. Maybe, just maybe, these were hints… So here we go.

As is our habit, we begin with a quiet recitation of A. Shepard’s Prayer.

In John Gierach’s book “Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing” he uses the term “expertizing.” He defines expertizing thus: “Expertizing means acting like an expert. Not necessarily being an expert, mind you, but acting like one.”

The number of resettled refugees who have arrived in Tennessee has increased 46 percent in 2019 during the 11 months Bill Lee has served as governor of the state.

Last week, Gov. Lee announced his unpopular and controversial decision to allow more refugees to be resettled in the state in 2020, even though President Trump’s executive order in September gave state governments the authority to say no to more refugees. The Tennessee General Assembly has filed a lawsuit in the federal courts arguing on Tenth Amendment grounds that the federal government does not have the right to resettle refugees in the state, forcing the state’s taxpayers to pay for the educational and social welfare benefits given those refugees.

New York – -( With a lot of the focus being on modern multi-purpose semiautomatic long-guns like the AR-15 rifle, we forget that anti-Second Amendment extremists have other targets as well. Perhaps the most notable, despite the landmark Heller and McDonald cases, are handguns. When you think about it, targeting handguns make for a more practical (even if they are protected under the Second Amendment) target, especially when looking at the Justice Department’s crime stats.

We should not forget that Sarah Brady long ago called for a “needs-based licensing” scheme. Well, the first step to getting there is to actually get any kind of licensing scheme passed, and the two who are trying to make that infringement on our Second Amendment rights happen are Representative Jamie Raskin & Senator Chris Van Hollen via the Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act. In the House, this bill is known as HR 3285, while the Senate version is S 1844.