Save a biker

Today in 1836 – Texans celebrate the first Texas Independence Day with the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence, officially broke Texas from Mexico, and creating the Republic of Texas. And when Texas declares its independence THIS time, I’m gonna be there.

Today in 1875 – During a drunken brawl on ice, the first ever organized indoor game of ice hockey broke out and was played played in Montreal, Canada as recorded in The Montreal Gazette.

Today in 1938 – Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia. It’s the sole reason they have a presence on the world stage. Without oil, without ideas, wrapped in a seventh-century religio-government, they’d still be stealing goats for a living.

The San Francisco district attorney’s office said Monday it is withdrawing charges and pursuing a “restorative justice” model against a 20-year-old man arrested in the robbery of an elderly Asian man in his 70s that was captured on a video that went viral.

Of all the places to be quarantined, a brothel in Valencia, Spain, might not be the worst. You’ve got booze, you’ve likely got a small buffet of fried foods and you’ve got entertainment.

But in all seriousness, that was exactly the case a day ago when authorities found that a woman working at the “La Selva Negra” brothel had tested positive for coronavirus. The findings forced authorities to quarantine the premises and the 86 customers that were inside.

Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure was detrimental to the United States, but like most of his nonbelievers, I harbor no animosity for his person.

Few critics that I know advocated that Obama be impeached, much less removed from office, before his reelection bid—even amid his worst scandals and dangerous policies. But we are now in a new age, whose protocols might have made it impossible for the Obama Administration to have finished two terms.

California continues to proudly lead the charge toward a disarmed citizenry. In the latest attack on the Second Amendment, Santa Clara County is forming what they call a “county gun team” – a unit of lawyers, analysts, and prosecutors authorized to seek out and confiscate firearms from those the state feels shouldn’t have them.