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Dating after 50 is like shopping in a thrift store for the least damaged item that doesn’t smell bad.

Firms in the United States and the United Kingdom are currently developing state-of-the-art Big Brother technology that will allow private employers to track the movement of their workers under the guise of stopping coronavirus from spreading in the workplace.

Muslim advocacy for drinking camel urine is back in the news, this time in connection with the coronavirus, which is especially ironic if not deadly, as will be explained. An “Islamic medicine specialist” and director of a religious-scientific institution in Iran recently called on his countrymen to drink camel urine as the “best cure” for coronavirus and other ailments.

Employees at a Tyson plant in Independence, Iowa, say they’re fearful and on edge after a colleague died from complications of Covid-19.

They work in an industry few realize has been deemed essential by the federal government: the pet food industry. Plant workers tell CNN Business they don’t feel properly protected from the virus. The company temporarily shut down two other plants in the state earlier this month due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

Tyson says the Independence plant, which employs nearly 250 people, is critical infrastructure and essential to the nation’s food supply. The plant manufactures dog treats.