Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

I’ve been struck by how many pressure groups are doing everything they can to get their clients included in federal government bailouts following the coronavirus pandemic. They defy logic and reason while appealing to emotion, patriotism, naked self-interest (“Our people won’t vote for you unless you include them!”) and everything else they can think of.

The governors of America’s 50 states are far from the least guilty. Anyone would think they were helpless, unable to cope unless they got billions and billions more dollars from the federal government. In reality, of course, that’s not how America is governed. The states are supposed to be largely financially independent, standing on their own two feet, so to speak. Many smaller, weaker state economies are supported by annual federal government payouts, because some contribute more to the central government in taxes than they receive in services, or don’t have enough of a tax base to be economically self-sufficient. Nevertheless, in general terms the states are supposed to “cut their coat according to their cloth”, and not spend money they don’t have. One of the reasons so many state budgets are wasteful and filled with pork is that they already receive too much money from the central government. It’s a huge drag on our national economy.

Thankfully as a nation this crisis is causing us to reevaluate our priorities: faith, family, community and freedom; and seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reignites that oft forgotten flickering flame…

Journalists are less important than janitors. Our nation’s best athletes are healthcare workers rushing to assist those in need. The true heroes are not celebrities, but rather farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks, and supermarket cashiers.

The most valuable businesses do not glitter or present themselves with self-congratulatory award shows; they do today what they have always done to keep our food supply flowing. Perhaps now, at least for a few short weeks, we stop taking them for granted.

Effective right now comfortably invisible workers are recognized as critical priorities; or as the government has officially designated them “essential services.” These folks form the network of our lives; they always have, but we didn’t notice. Everything else is less than.

Any average hard-working American is worth more today than all those who chase the golden statues of Hollywood; and ultimately if they want to go down the superiority path… well, what they provide is essentially useless.

A Manhattan judge on Thursday ordered the release of a career criminal charged with stabbing his girlfriend to death out of concern he could contract coronavirus at Rikers, the Post has learned.