Smart water

It is illegal to film in Devetashka Cave ever since the Expendables 2 film caused the death/relocation of nearly 25,000 bats. 13 species included were considered to be endangered. SOURCE

Right now, trying from our place via our normal WIFI, that has been so damn reliable, except for short periods of time, like right now. I told the wife, that is because so damn many idiots are uploading cat pictures and videos, and other many idiots are hunting and looking at cat pictures and videos. Am hoping like the other times, that this is just a temporary aberration.

What it means to measure immortality (sometimes called “lifespan”) of an electron, in experiment that failed to disprove immortality assumption, but has offered its minimum lifespan at 66,000 yottayears, which is more than five-quintillion times the current age of the Universe. SOURCE