Smartphones and google maps

Hunt sexual predators for sport 2020.

They slouch among us! Pudgy, premature balding humanoids, with an unhealthy desire for video games and contempt for masculinity, have invaded! Where did they come from? Is it a virus that turns normal men into childish doughboys? If so, how did it spread so quickly? And, is there an antidote?

I’m not sure if the creature I briefly described has infected the entirety of the West. In my travels, it appears to be mostly an American phenomenon. I suspect the easy availability of unhealthy fastfood, the supremacy of “pop culture,” the dominance of liberalism and feminism and faux nerd culture allows for the soyboy archetype to fester, expand and, finally, absorb the masculine character of America. The hard truth is that the soyboy has supplanted John Wayne. Modern American men look like James Corden, act like spoiled teenagers and speak like women.

Indonesian officials are offering a monetary reward to whoever manages to remove a motorcycle tyre from the neck of a 13-foot-long crocodile.

The full-grown crocodile has reportedly been wearing the tire around its neck since 2016, but authorities in Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi, are worried that it may end up strangling the reptile, so they are turning to the public for help. In 2018, conservationist and “animal whisperer” Muhammad Panji tried to remove the tire, and later that year the local conservation office tried luring the 4-meter-long crocodile with food. Both attempts proved unsuccessful so Palu officials are now hoping that brave locals can do the impossible for an unspecified cash prize.

German artist Simon Weckert recently went viral after posting a video on YouTube dragging a small cart with 99 smartphones on an empty street and tricking Google Maps into showing a traffic jam.

Basically, Weckert loaded 99 smartphones with Google Maps turned on onto a small wagon cart and then pulled that cart around various streets in Berlin, including outside the Google office building. He was thus reportedly able to fool Google’s GPS app into thinking that there was a high concentration of users on those streets. And because the phones were being carried in a slow-moving cart, the app was also tricked into thinking that it was detecting a traffic jam.