Societal Benefits of prophylactic and medicinal use of Hydroxychloroquine:

We can focus efforts and resources on protecting the aged and infirmed

•Greatly reduced COVID19 deaths

•Return to normal healthcare conditions

•No more efforts to create fear in the general population

•No more ridiculous orders from public officials

•No more draconian recommendations by the CDC and the WHO

•No more lockdowns

•No more bio-snitches informing on their neighbors

•No more “social distancing”

•No more mask wearing

•No more attempts at mask shaming

•No more constant hand washing

•No one ridiculously telling us to not touch our faces

•No one telling us to conform or “people will die”

•No “new normal”

•No more contact tracing and other governmental surveillance

•No more infringement on our Constitutional Rights in order to “protect everyone”

•We can ignore the lies from the Media and the Dems

•End of discussion on mail in voting

•Regular attendance at public events

•Return to work w/o restrictions

•Return to unrestricted interstate and international travel

•Kids can go back to school w/o ridiculous, unworkable restrictions

•No one telling us we cannot attend houses of worship

•Return to restaurants, beaches, etc.

•No “Gates” vaccine

•No fight over “digital certificates” proving vaccination

•“New World Order” blocked

•Generalized end to all the BULLSHIT we have been putting up with and a return to our normal lives

Source: wisconsin-raised