Sonic The Hedgehog: 10 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Games

Recently, and a mere 30 years after its release, someone has managed to complete the original Sonic The Hedgehog game in under nine minutes. Sonic has continued to evolve in the landscape of video games, and while it has had outside influences from the animation and live-action side of the franchise, the games continue to tread new and exciting ground. Despite that, there are tropes and flaws that fans have found quite funny over the years.

These memes sum up the games pretty well and some of their great and less-than-perfect features that fans have become pretty used to. This satire simply pokes fun at the titles, but at the end of the day, these classics are still a major part of the side-scroll genre and the memes don’t take away from the quality of the releases.

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With plenty of upcoming Sonic titles to look forward to and years of others in development, the general cycle of anticipation is one that many fans would be familiar with. The problem is that everyone is disappointed in an alternative way, as they expect a specific thing from a new release.

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This meme, therefore, pokes fun at both the fans for going through this cycle, and somewhat at the games themselves which don’t manage to tick every box every time. There are certainly some parallels between the games being released, although Frontiers might change all that.

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Sonic is a lot of things to a lot of people. Those outside of the fan base might actually be confused by the little blue hedgehog. However, this meme really manages to sum up the character quite well, from his meme-centric status on the internet to the indication that it always seems like the franchise is celebrating some milestone.

Perhaps the funniest part of the meme is the final square, suggesting all Sonic really does is sit in development, sometimes with lesser-known Sonic the Hedgehog games getting released as a result. It seems like SEGA takes years to fully put a new title together and that joke extends to the creation of the CGI Sonic, who had to go back to the drawing board to change up his look.

The Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows have certainly helped to define an image that has been blasted to the mainstream audience, but within the games, there’s a certain look for the character that has been settled on. Even then, there have been a few alterations as the timeline of titles has progressed.

It’s hilariously obvious that Sonic’s legs have gotten longer with each passing video game. That may be because of the focus on running for the character, and maybe even outside media influences. How tall will Sonic actually get in the future? Surely not to these ridiculous proportions.

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If there’s one title that fans hate more than any other it’s the Sonic The Hedgehog game that released in 2006. It didn’t tick any of the necessary boxes and has become one of the most memed titles because of its lack of clarity and direction. This meme shows that SEGA did redeem itself, though.

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While the studio may have thought that fans wanted what Sonic 06 gave them, it was really the Generations line that actually impressed audiences. With the Sonics across time teaming up with one another, this story balanced a number of big concepts to huge success.

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Sonic might be a classic retro platformer but just like plenty of other games from this era, there’s a repetitive nature to its level design. It’s difficult to come up with so many new ideas for a side-scroller and although the series has come a long way since then, those early days were pretty rough.

Fans will definitely relate to the fact that the series might have overplayed the Green Hill Zone slightly. There’s a nostalgia to the area now and it seems inappropriate not to have some kind of loop to run around, paying homage to this initial creation. However, it’s probably time to move on.

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People are quick to criticize Sonic and the games that were released during this modern 3D era. In fact, some suggest that the series has never been worse and that there’s very little to redeem the saga in the most recent run. Yet, there are so many great games to enjoy.

It sparks the comparison that surely fans look back on the 2D days with too much nostalgia since there were definitely flaws there too. Ultimately, nothing is perfect for everyone, but there are games to love and perhaps rant about, in all eras!

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Back to the 2006 release of Sonic The Hedgehog and there are more criticisms on the way. Sonic fans love to hate the franchise and for that specific title, the writing and character design were a little off. In fact, there wasn’t much depth to the allies surrounding Sonic at all.

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This meme sums that up pretty well. Silver’s grand introduction, “My name is Silver,” certainly won’t be winning any awards. In fact, naming the silver hedgehog by his color doesn’t exactly inspire any kind of deep thinking. If Sonic was called Blue the series perhaps wouldn’t be quite the same.

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It’s a hilarious point that people could make at any video game franchise. Spin-off titles are inevitable, even if on paper they don’t make a lot of sense. Of course, Sonic needed a racer series, for the key characters of the saga to be pitted against one another. But that doesn’t actually add up.

Why would Sonic even need a car, when he can run faster than most vehicles? It’s a fairer way to create a competition between the group, and it’s clearly just a bit of fun within the context of the racing game. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, but the meme is great for pointing out a silly element.

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Whether it’s a classic title or on a modern console, Sonic games sometimes follow a very similar formula. There’s nothing wrong with that. SEGA should stick to what it knows after all. But the general premise of some of the titles feels very familiar, even if on others they have pushed the boat out.

This meme just points to that, with plenty of Sonic releases forcing players to compete with Eggman for a MacGuffin which leads to Sonic having to run through different tracks. Would fans continue to complain if the status quo was switched up completely?

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If this article hasn’t pointed it out already, the Sonic series might be one of the most memed video game franchises of all time. The characters just fit into the format really well and there are a lot of jokes to be made about the inconsistent run of titles. Even the film managed to play into this meme culture.

It’s thus meta that a meme has been created, pointing out the fact that there truly are Sonic memes everywhere. Interestingly, compared to other memed series, Sonic memes aren’t usually attributed to other topics, with the fandom instead focusing its meme culture on the game line itself.

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