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Andrew Gillum Found Wasted in Hotel Room With Bags of Crystal Meth by Paramedics Responding to Drug Overdose….

In 1815, dentistry as we know it today was in its infancy – and the mouths of the rich were rotten. So they took teeth for their dentures from the bodies of tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the battlefield at Waterloo.

In the late 18th and early 19th Centuries “everyone was dabbling in dentistry”, says Rachel Bairsto, curator of British Dental Association’s museum in central London. From ivory turners to jewellers, chemists, wigmakers and even blacksmiths.

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Explaining Liquidity and the Chinese Plague

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Bill De Blasio declares SIX MONTHS coronavirus State of Emergency that will cause NYC’s economy to collapse just before Election Day

About the worst thing you can buy for your survival food pantry is “survival food.” Generally it runs about 100 calories per dollar, while these foods will keep just as long, and can approach 5,000 calories per dollar.