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So this morning, had a drive by covid 19 test. Just drove up and by the time I shut down the radio and started lowering the window, a technician was right there, told me to sign this form, and then look at him. A swab up each nostril (almost made me freaking sneeze, but I held back). Then a kleenex to wipe the nose and if needed the eyes (not needed for anything so in the trash). Then drove off for home.

Total time elapsed from time I drove up to time I drove away about 90 seconds.

He did tell me if I tested positive, I would get a phone call today.

No phone call.

So I must of tested negative.

For preparation of a minor operation tomorrow.


Be at the surgical center at noon time…wife can not go in with me, she has to wait outside or whatever she wants, as long as she is there to take me back home about 2pm.

The urologist is putting in a stent in the ureter between my right kidney and my bladder. This is to get the kidney to hopefully send all fluids to my bladder as right now it holds some back and thus enlarged just a bit in one section. They found this out by my pet scan I had done about 3 weeks back.

Operation is scheduled to start at 1pm…and should be down by 130pm or so. Then time in post-op to wake my happy ass up so I can go home.

Now some good news!

My urologist had taken me off Sutent, one chemo drug I had been taking for almost 2 years. And put me back on the chemo drug I had started out on, Gleevec.

Yes, both drugs too expensive for me to pay for even with insurance.

Thus, a phone call not long ago from Novartis. I am on their patient assistant program, again! Thus I do not have to pay for the gleevec.

The first month’s supply will be here this thursday.

Now this thursday, to the dentist. Between wife and I this round? with my root canal and new upper appliance? Hey, that damn 2400 dollar stimulus best get here quick!

And then friday, off to our eye doctor for appointment and possible new eyeglasses. Another expense for us….though insurance will pay for the exam (less 10 bucks co pay for both of us) and up to $250 per pair of glasses (price glasses if you do not wear them).

Okay, that is all for now…..

I freaking hope!!

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Best of luck to you.
    Keep it Crusty, ya old Curmudgeon.

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

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