That face you make

Western Rifle Shooters Dudes had a piece up, “things aren’t getting worse, they are getting obvious”. In other words, things were already this bad, we just didn’t acknowledge it until they shoved it in our face. The governors were always as obnoxiously inept and power hungry. People were always this stupid about protecting themselves. They’ve wanted to disarm us since at least 1917. Our jobs were never as necessary as we wanted to believe, and they force us to work them, or take them away, as they deem fit.

To our betters in the American ruling class:

Just a note to say thanks for giving us a much-needed lesson in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who were not shy at all in admonishing us to be wary of surrendering the kind of government power you people have wielded, supposedly for our benefit, since the Chinese Communist virus hit our shores at some indeterminate point in the recent, or maybe not-so-recent, past.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North and South Korean troops exchanged fire along their tense border on Sunday, the South’s military said, the first such incident since the rivals took unprecedented steps to lower front-line animosities in late 2018.

Violent confrontations have occasionally occurred along the border, the world’s most heavily fortified. While Sunday’s incident is a reminder of persistent tensions, it didn’t cause any known casualties on either side and is unlikely to escalate, observers said.

Three female college students at Northwest Iowa Community College were recently arrested for pranking their roommate in one of the strangest and most disgusting ways imaginable.

It’s unclear how the three girls – Ann C., a nursing student and member of the All-Iowa Academic Team, Kyiah Elaine K., a 19-year-old former Honor List student, and 20-year-old Ellie T. – came with the idea of putting their gross foot skin shavings in their roommate’s bag of grated cheese and then watching her unknowingly eat it, but that’s reportedly just what they did. The terrible prank took place at 6 p.m. on March 13, but three alleged perpetrators were only picked up by authorities last week.

Would you donate your $1,200 stimulus check to undocumented immigrants who aren’t eligible to receive the federal assistance?

Undocumented people — who comprise an estimated one in 10 California workers — are ineligible for the stimulus funding or unemployment insurance. Now, with millions of Californians laid off or working fewer hours as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many undocumented people and their families are struggling and have no safety net.