The 10 Best TV Shows To Watch On Netflix This Month (Updated June 2022)

Netflix is one of the leading streaming services today, and this is with good reason. With some highly regarded films and television shows, subscribers can seemingly never run out of phenomenal content to enjoy. In July 2022, the platform’s audience can check out some excellent series.

From new seasons of already beloved shows to new series that are making their debut, the best shows on Netflix have plenty to offer to subscribers in July 2022. These programs cover a range of genres and subjects, so fans of all tastes can find something with which they can connect.

  • Available on July 15

From the creators of Paradise PD and Brickleberry comes a new adult animated series with a sci-fi twist. Farzar follows an intergalactic prince who sets out on an adventure to save his world from their alien enemies only to learn that he may be living a lie.

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The show looks to be a wild action adventure with plenty of gore and battles. But it also has a wacky and vulgar sense of humor which will no doubt appeal to fans of similar shows, like Rick and Morty.

  • Available on July 7

Though several of the DC shows have been canceled recently, The Flash remains a fan-favorite superhero adventure that is continuing on. The eighth season of the show, which continues to follow the speedster hero and his allies, will be debuting on Netflix for fans to binge.

While the DC movies get most of the attention, but The Flash has been a hit with fans for years and delivered the kind of fun comic book storytelling that some fans feel is missing from the movies.

  • Available on July 21

As the Jurassic World trilogy wraps up with the mega-hit Jurassic World: Dominion, another part of the franchise is also coming to an end. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is an animated series that follows a group of teens at an adventure park near the dinosaur preserve who must band together when the dinos run amok.

While it may be aimed at a slightly younger crowd, the show still delivers quite a bit of dinosaur action that should please fans of the franchise, regardless of age. The fifth and final season of the show will hit Netflix in July.

  • Available on July 20

Fans looking for some romance escapism may be interested in checking out the drama series Virgin River. The show follows a young woman looking for a fresh start who relocates from Los Angeles to a remote town. She then seeks to find inner happiness while also getting used to her new home.

The kind of small-town stories about people finding meaning in a simpler life is nothing new. However, Virgin River avoids making things too perfect with a more complex story.

  • Available on July 29

Nearly a decade after his other hit show How I Met Your Mother ended, Neil Patrick Harris is returning to television with the new comedy Uncoupled. Harris plays a man with a seemingly ideal life only to find out his husband is leaving him.

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Harris is a charming and funny actor and it will be fun to see him playing a character trying to deal with this new stage of his life, from losing the love of his life to attempting dating again.

  • Available on July 13

True crime stories and mysteries are big hits with audiences these days and a new documentary series looks to explore one of the greatest unsolved crime mysteries ever. D.B. Cooper: Where Are You focuses on the investigation to uncover the identity of a criminal who hijacked a passenger jet and escaped with $200,000 in 1971.

It is a story that has fascinated people for over 50 years and become a modern legend. There will undoubtedly be plenty of people interested in seeing what new information this series can reveal about the mystery.

  • Available on July 14

The Kung Fu Panda franchise managed to deliver family-friendly fun with solid martial arts action. Now, the legendary Panda warrior Po returns in a new animated series hitting Netflix this month. Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight follows Po as he sets out on a globe-trotting adventure to stop evil forces from gathering a collection of powerful weapons.

The simple fact that Jack Black is returning to voice the lovable and heroic Po is enough to make this new adventure worthwhile. It will be interesting to see if the series can maintain the level of action the movies accomplished.

  • Available on July 8

Lana Condor, the star of Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, headlines the new limited series Boo, Bitch. Condor plays a young woman who has stayed under the radar throughout her time at high school and now wants to live her life to the fullest. This is complicated when she wakes up one morning to realize she is a ghost.

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Condor is a charming talent who will be fun to see in this lead role. The unexpected take on the teen comedy genre could provide a fresh and hilarious new approach to the familiar story of fitting in.

  • Available on July 14

Following the recent movie reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the popular horror video game franchise will be given another attempt at an adaptation. Resident Evil tells the story in two separate timelines with one exploring the dark origins of the Umbrella Corporation and the other exploring the world following the outbreak of the T-virus.

Though the games inspired a long-running movie franchise starring Mila Jovovich, it was never a huge success with fans. Hopefully, this new approach will deliver a video game adaptation that will please the countless Resident Evil fans out there.

  • Available on July 1

For the first time, Stranger Things played around with the binging concept and released season 4 into two separate parts. The second part debuts at the start of the month and will deliver the epic conclusion to the showdown between the heroes and the villainous Vecna.

Following the terrific response to the first half, anticipation for how it all will end is at an all-time high. And while the second part only consists of two episodes, they are super-sized events that will give fans more than enough Stranger Things fun.

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Author: Jake Koran