The Baby in Yellow Code Answer: How To Stop The Baby From Stealing Fuses

The baby will continuously steal fuses in The Baby in Yellow until they’re moved to the vent code is found and used to open the cover. With each night that passes, the baby gets more violent and harder to pacify. As the baby gets more meddlesome and hostile, players will need to solve increasingly difficult puzzles and find new ways to stop or settle them.

After the first few nights, players will reach a chapter called Pickman’s Madness, where they need to follow a white rabbit to escape from the baby. During this chapter, the elevator will lose power but fuses can be used to restore it. The fuse room is visited after completing Pickman’s apartment by stealing the baby’s key. After going through a few doors, players will reach the elevator, but it immediately loses power. To restore power, blue and pink fuses need to be placed in the correct boxes.

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Unfortunately, as players start placing fuses, the baby will steal them. There’s no way to complete this section until the baby is dealt with, but it can be unclear how to stop them. The baby needs to be placed in the vent to the right of the green lockers, but a number combination needs to be entered first. Luckily, the vent door code can be found by exploring the same room that the fuses are in.

Players can access the vent and stop the baby from stealing fuses by searching the room for a four-digit code. However, there are two pieces of the code that can be found in different locations. The first part of the vent code can be found by looking to the left as soon as players enter the room. There’s a whiteboard to the left that has a red lock drawn on it and ’43’ written next to it. The rest of the code is smudged on the whiteboard, but it can be found in one of the lockers.

The second half of the unlock code can be found written on a note taped to the inside of Baumbach’s locker, and it shows ’17’ with a smudge in front of it. The vent cover can be unlocked by entering ‘4317’, then the baby can be thrown in to stop them from stealing fuses. To get the baby to appear, the blue and pink fuses need to be placed in the boxes. The blue fuses are on the table near the entrance, and the pink fuses can be found on the top shelf of Lee’s locker.

The fuses will be stolen the first time they’re placed, but the baby will appear on a shelf opposite the fuse boxes and stay there. Players can then pick up the baby and place them inside the vent after unlocking it. Once the baby is taken care of, players can put the fuses in the corresponding boxes to restore power to the elevator. Once the elevator is operational, players will need to use it to escape the baby and finish this chapter of The Baby in Yellow.

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The Baby in Yellow is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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Author: Jamie Russo