The Blueprint for Revolution in America

Never take “free speech” seriously

Much less those artists who claim to champion it:

Trans writer Jennifer Finney Boylan distances herself from free speech letter – that she signed with 150 other authors and academics calling out cancel culture – after realising JK Rowling also endorsed it.

If you’re capable of deriving the correct conclusions from this little vignette, you can save yourself the trouble of reading John Bagnell Bury’s A History of the Freedom of Thought.




That Moment The Left Realizes That THEY Are The Fascists…


Global Trade – Boris Johnson Nominates Liam Fox to Lead World Trade Organization…

President Trump and the U.S. economic team have held a policy perspective that the World Trade Organization (WTO) is no longer a useful functioning body to mediate global trade issues.  At the center of that view are two issues:

First that WTO rules and regulations do not support American economic interests; and secondly, that WTO processes still provide China with favorable benefits as an “emerging nation” despite their scale. As a result the Trump administration has been positioning for a withdrawal from a dysfuctional WTO.

In an effort to keep the WTO intact, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has nominated a pro-Brexit/pro-America trade minister, Liam Fox, to become the next Director General.


…The Blueprint for Revolution in America…. This address by G. Edward Griffin, given in 1968, is as current as today’s headlines. Mr. Griffin shows that the Leninist strategy for conquest involves two kinds of revolution: One is violent; the other is non-violent. While most people think only of violent revolution, the non-violent phase is where most of the action has been in the United States. Leninists call it the Proletarian Revolution and it involves the gradual transition to Marxism (which is merely one form of collectivism) by use of the ballot box. Control is achieved through economic pressures rather than guns and executions. This program shows how Leninists utilize mass-membership organizations, politicians, and the parliamentary process to bring about totalitarianism with little opposition from those who are being subjugated.


BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to Do With Black Lives | The Heritage Foundation


269 Companies (NAMES) Supporting – Antifa – BLM- Democrat Marxist Party

Most are the same companies that are still advertising with the Democrats ‘left-wing’ Media.. ATT-CNN, Amazon-Washington Post, NY ‘Slimes’, MSNBC!


Southern Rock for the Apocalypse, Charlie Daniels Edition

Charlie Daniels is dead. Just a shade over three years ago, I wrote this piece in honor of his birthday.

The South has lost one of its greatest bards, and Dixie is worse for it.

Daniels recorded arguably his best album, Fire on the Mountain, at Capricorn studios, the Peach State’s famous recording studio in Macon. Unlike FAME or Muscle Shoals in Alabama, Capricorn focused mostly on Southern rock. Daniels understood what was at stake, even in 1974. He was once interviewed about Capricorn and its mission in preserving an authentic Southern sound. He spit in his dip cup and said while important, it might not amount to much.

At the time, that might have been an understatement, but in the current climate of American stupidity, Daniels was probably right. When “Dixie” means “racism,” the entire fabric of American society is being torn to shreds. We’ve already added several Charlie Daniels tunes in this series, and there are a few more in the piece I linked above, so here are eighteen more great Charlie Daniels Band songs to pass the time and remember when. God speed Charlie, and I hope the angels played Dixie as you died.

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