The Boys Finally Pays Off Hughie’s Very First Scene (Why It’s Perfect)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Boys season 3, episode 6

Finally, The Boys delivers justice for Robin as season 3 brings Hughie Campbell and A-Train together at Herogasm. Amazon’s The Boys has come an awfully long way since season 1. Whereas Billy Butcher’s gang were originally little more than tiny turtles snapping at the Seven’s heels, they’re now giving Homelander nightmares, recruiting Queen Maeve, and attending the very same red carpet events as Vought’s finest. After such a stark change of circumstances, it’s easy to forget The Boys all started when a drugged-up A-Train ran straight through Hugh Campbell’s girlfriend at high-speed in season 1’s opening sequence. Hughie was left holding Robin’s severed arms, and A-Train brushed off the incident as if he’d squashed a human-sized, dungarees-wearing ant.

This harrowing experience is why Hughie joined Butcher’s crew in the first place, but global conspiracies, 100-year-old Nazis, bursting heads, and a brand new girlfriend have all stolen Hughie’s attention since then. Just like Hughie, The Boys has largely forgotten Robin ever existed. Whereas Billy Butcher and MM still hold burning grudges against their own personal supe nemeses (Homelander and Soldier Boy, respectively), Hughie’s deep hatred of A-Train has now dissolved into mild dislike, leaving The Boys season 1’s Robin storyline frustratingly unresolved.

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That all changes in The Boys season 3’s “Herogasm” episode. A-Train and Hughie are both in attendance at the infamous supe sex party (both purely for legitimate reasons, of course) and the latter seizes this golden opportunity to demand a proper apology over Robin’s death. Catching Hughie off-guard, A-Train not only says sorry, but does so in surprisingly honest and heartfelt fashion, admitting, “I’m sorry… I’m f**king sorry, Hughie.” A-Train gets punched regardless, but his remorse officially closes the book on The Boys season 1’s Robin storyline. Hughie finally has closure after A-Train confessed his crime, showed sincere regret, and graciously took a slap around the face. If Robin were a ghost, she’d now be laid to rest.

Justice for Robin might’ve taken almost three whole seasons, but the timing of A-Train’s apology in The Boys makes perfect sense. Even with Butcher, MM, Kimiko and Frenchie backing him up, Hughie has consistently lacked the self-confidence to confront A-Train directly. Even at Dawn of the Seven’s premiere in The Boys season 3’s opening scene, he shrinks away from the arrogant speedster as quickly as possible. Injecting V-24 has given “Wee” Hughie Campbell the superpower of supreme confidence, and Herogasm marks his first chance to set A-Train straight. The Boys‘ Robin apology also feels perfectly timed because of A-Train’s season 3 downfall. Until now, A-Train has existed within Vought’s bubble, where nothing matters but his own success. The incident between Blue Hawk and his brother shatters A-Train’s shallow outlook so completely, the Seven hero experiences an epiphany, realizing his past actions actually hurt other people. As Ashley so effectively puts it, “You did not give a sh*t about all the collateral you caused then, now all of a sudden you care because it happened to you.”

The Boys season 3 doesn’t just pay off Robin’s murder by finally having A-Train show remorse, however. “Herogasm” goes further by proving Hughie and A-Train are swapping places. Angry over his brother’s paralysis, A-Train catches up with Blue Hawk and kills the racist supe in brutal fashion, ignoring the immense risk upon his own health. A-Train’s revenge is exactly what a super-powered Hughie might’ve done in the immediate aftermath of forearmgate back in The Boys season 1. As A-Train finds redemption, Hughie does the exact opposite, teaming up with Soldier Boy and leaving a trail of dead Herogasm revelers as collateral damage. He’s now complicit in the same kind of tragedy that befell Robin.

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Author: Craig Elvy