The Fake Picks The Phony

Wednesday Afternoon Memes


The tech giant Facebook is allowing an ANTIFA-style group to organize a potentially violent “White House siege” next month on their platform.

 “On September 17, 2020, we will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. This is the #WhiteHouseSiege,” the group Adbusters wrote to advertise their event on their Facebook page. “We need your voice of wisdom and expertise to pull off a radically democratic toneshift in our politics.”

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It’s happened. For once it seems, the conventional wisdom and predictions proved correct.  The most Fake presidential candidate in US history since . . . well, since forever . . . has selected as his running mate the most Fake of the potential candidates on his list, with the exception of Michelle Obama.

There is nothing authentic or appealing about Senator Kamala Harris. Her personal story is one of deceitfulness and invented stories, much like Joe Biden himself. She got her political start in California as the young mistress of the once-powerful Willie Brown, long-time speaker of California’s State Assembly and then mayor of San Francisco (and a promoter of the Jonestown fiasco).  She has told tales of being in the forefront of school desegregation, when in fact, she was just a kid who got bused around by the disastrous forced busing campaign which sought to “bring racial balance” to schools. She has lied about her record as Attorney General of California–I am sure the Republicans will POUNCE on those lies–and had a mediocre career as a US Senator during which she made clear that she would say anything to get noticed. While she now claims to be black, at one time she refused to identify with any particular racial grouping: her late mother was a Tamil from India, and her father was a mixed-race Jamaican, with some white slave-owner ancestors. Kamala Harris spent much of her youth in Canada, graduating form high school there. Canada, of course, being in the forefront of the US civil rights struggle.

All that identity politics aside, Joe Biden has picked the person who, during the primary campaign, accused him of being in league with racists, and of being a sexual predator, because she “believed” his female accusers. 

This is all very weird, and clearly Joe’s handlers rely on the docile media to help whitewash the recent history between Joe and Kamala, and on the toxic “cancel culture” to shut down any criticism of Harris’s past stances and her bizarre personal life. We are going to be regaled with puff pieces and fake fact-checking from the fake media in an effort to make Harris seem absolutely wonderful. 

Don’t believe it; Harris is another fraud.