The Family Chantel’s Winter’s Weight Loss Made Her Closer To Chantel

Sisters Chantel Jimeno and Winter Everett have had some animosity in their relationship on The Family Chantel, though Winter’s weight-loss journey appears to have brought her closer to her older sister. Chantel and Winter have always loved each other, though they haven’t been without sibling conflict and rivalry. However, Winter’s weight-loss journey has led to her spending more time with Chantel.

As the oldest sister in the Everett family, Chantel has been the center of attention. While she has been naturally slim since childhood, her younger sister Winter has struggled with her weight. Chantel then rose to fame on 90 Day Fiancé alongside her now-husband Pedro Jimeno. Winter expressed frustration over her glamorous older sister once again being in the spotlight. Since Chantel was always the star of the family, Winter previously sought comfort with her partner, Jah. However, now that Winter is single and slimming down, she often turns to Chantel.

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The sibling relationship between Chantel and Winter appears stronger than ever in The Family Chantel season 4. Chantel has stepped up to be a kind, loving, and mature sister to Winter, especially during her bariatric surgery. Chantel and the sisters’ mother, Karen Everett, accompanied Winter to Mexico for her surgery. Chantel, who is a registered nurse, was shown being extremely loving and comforting to Winter. Chantel cradled Winter’s head during her IV and showered her younger sister with love and affection. Many viewers were touched to see how close Chantel and Winter have gotten. Chantel also revealed a more nurturing and mature side as compared to her previously dramatic antics on TLC.

While Chantel stepped up for Winter during her weight-loss surgery, the sisters are also spending more time together. Chantel and Winter, who both live in Atlanta, often share content of them working out together. The sisters enjoy hitting the gym to stay in shape and appear to have more in common since Winter started taking her weight-loss expedition seriously. Meanwhile, Winter has also grown into herself and found her own confidence during this time. Rather than feeling like she is stuck in Chantel’s shadow, Winter has learned how to celebrate herself and live her best life. This has also assisted in bringing Winter and Chantel closer together.

Overall, many aspects of Winter’s weight loss appears to have had a positive effect on the two sisters, as seen so far on The Family Chantel season 4. However, there is another reason why they could be spending more time together. Chantel used to work out with her husband, Pedro. Now that their marriage appears to be in a bad place and might even be over, she has more time for Winter. Meanwhile, Winter split from her controlling partner, Jah, and seems to be spending more time with her family. Therefore, relationship issues appear to have also led to more family time for The Family Chantel sisters.

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Author: Emma Fischer