The Global Brothel

The Coolidge effect is known as man’s general desire to copulate with every desirable female (why not vice versa?). On one occasion President Calvin Coolidge and his wife visited a poultry farm. The first lady watched the rooster ride a hen and was interested in the frequency of the relations.

“Ah, madam, dozens of times!” the farmer replied.

“Please tell the president,” she said jokingly.

The aforementioned asked in turn:

“And does the rooster always do it with the same hen?”

“No, Mr. President,” replied the farmer, “he does it each time with a different female.”

“Please tell that to Mrs. Coolidge,” suggested the president.

I found this illuminating anecdote in Homo Erectus , by Juan Eslava Galán. Monogamy can be the comfort of those who see their scope limited. Unless you are a Mata Hari or a Don Juan and irresistibly master the art of seduction, you will have no choice but to pay in some way if variety is what you want in bed.

The millionaire sex market comes to my mind when reading that the very liberal Sweden had its biggest sensual raid while the rest of the world sublimated their sexual desires under house arrest. Last week in Stockholm, 28 citizens were arrested for aspiring to sexual services of one kind or another, a record for the capital of the Viking country. It is curious that a land so advanced in respecting individual freedom when dealing with a pandemic is so intransigent regarding the oldest profession in the world.

In Sweden, prostitutes are very expensive. The client risks fines much higher than what a top madam will charge. And they are working in a law that will sentence those who pay for sexual services to prison, whether in their own land or abroad.

Sounds good to me if your goal is to fight the white slave trade. Sexual slavery is aberrant, but if we look at the human condition, prostitution can also be voluntary as a means of obtaining extramarital pleasures or income above the average salary.

“Many people think that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.”

Or have the Swedes never heard of Messalina? The very powerful wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, mother of Caligula, liked to go down to the sinful neighborhood of her time for pleasure. On one occasion Messalina challenged the whores of Rome to see who could hold out the longest in a classic gang bang. The whores named their champion, a Sicilian named Scylla (like the famous Messina Straits, capable of swallowing entire ships). Well, Scylla had 25 clients while Messalina managed to deal with 70 according to some and 200 according to others.

Since the time of sacred prostitution in the temples of Ishtar, many have not wanted to understand the usefulness of brothels and puritanically demand their closure. They do not realize that there are men and women who decide to sell their bodies happily rather than being enslaved in an office, where they sell their souls for promotion.

Many people think, like the comedian, that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.

Pragmatic Germany has 3,000 legal brothels and an estimated 600,000 sex workers, unionized with cards that pass mandatory medical checks. Their market value is higher than Siemens and Volkswagen combined!

In Catholic Austria you will find some of the best brothels in the world. And they are accepted very naturally. Although, I know of some fierce hunters’ wives who closed a brothel in the center of their small town. But that was an extreme case, because in the long Alpine winter, women do not want to share their husband with any other.

There are associations of Spanish prostitutes who demand to be streamlined, pay taxes, and collect the welfare state pension currently in crisis. They further allege that it would be a severe blow against the white slave trade. You have to fight much more forcefully against trafficking and the enslaving mafias, of course, but why tear your hair out if someone wants to rent their body for a while?

After all, prostitution is very widespread. Politics show impressive degeneration, something that is much more scandalous than any carnal transaction. People are often prepared to sell themselves continuously, and social climbers even sell themselves for free. Whores dominate the pubic scene — sorry, I mean public.

Is the world a theater or a huge brothel? Ask a Swede!

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