The Hill To Die On

Violence erupted last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin after Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police. The mayhem followed a familiar pattern, with daytime protests devolving into night-time looting and arson. But rage-fueled anarchy is no substitute for reform-based policy, and as violence in the streets continues, as it has in Portland, it is becoming a problem for election-year Democrats.

Press outlets have generally tried to downplay the violent aspects of the protests, sometimes going to absurd lengths. CNN’s Omar Jimenez reported live from Kenosha in front of burning businesses while a chyron described the scene as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” The narrative “buildings burn at peaceful protest” is Orwellian doublethink in action. This would be like reporting that most protesters were unharmed in Kenosha even though three were shot, two of them fatally, allegedly by a white 17-year-old who thought of himself as a militia member. Pro tip: arson and shootings are news, the rest is context.


The Atlantic’s Anonymously-Sourced Article Jump Starts The Permanent Pre-Election Anti-Trump Crisis News Cycle

As with Russia collusion reporting, expect bombshell media reports implicating Trump in wrongdoing, often dropped just before a weekend, to create a 2-4 day media feeding frenzy. As each crisis news cycle peters out, another bombshell is dropped, rinse and repeat.


AUGUST 26–An Iowa man arrested for allegedly driving his car into a crowd of protesters–several of whom were struck by the vehicle–told cops that the victims needed “an attitude adjustment,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators say that Michael Stepanek, 45, was driving his Toyota Camry Friday evening in Iowa City when he got stuck behind other cars “due to a protest in the intersection ahead of him.”

The protest was organized by Iowa Freedom Riders, a group formed earlier this year in response to instances of alleged police brutality.


Back to School…D’ya Think?

After the spring from hell, and two months of summer staycation, families across the land anxiously await the very dubious reopening of the school year. The Covid-19 virus has revealed structural cracks in the mighty fortress of public education. Some districts remain closed, or only tentatively and partially open. It’s easy to see where this is going.

I got a letter this week from a high school physics teacher in New England — who wants to remain anonymous. He writes:

“…Covid has initiated the death of public ed in America…. The state cannot decide whether we should start full remote or whether we should try some weird hybrid schedule. Nobody can make a decision. The union is pissed. They know most of the classrooms are poorly ventilated and too small and they see nothing but a ‘cruise ship’ scenario unfolding. Remote is terrible, but it is better than nothing….”

Before we go further, remember the first principle of the long emergency: anything organized at the giant scale is liable to fail. During the post-war growth spurt, we consolidated all the nation’s schools into giant districts serviced by the yellow bus fleets bringing thousands of kids together in buildings designed to look like insecticide factories. And when that project was complete, what did we get? Two decades of mass shootings in schools. I don’t think we got the correct message from this — which is that this manner of schooling produces so much ennui and anomie that some kids turn homicidal by the time they hit their teens.

The fact that this condition remains unrecognized, and certainly absent from public discussion, says a lot about our disastrous collective psychology of previous investment: having set up this miserable system at titanic expense, we can’t even think about changing it. Now, as is usual in human history, the process will happen emergently, on its own, whether we like it or not, because circumstances demand it.

Another matter absent from news media is what happens when falling tax revenues start to bite the giant consolidated school districts. My physics teacher correspondent in New England writes:

“School finances are in full reverse mode. Whispered in the hallways before every school committee and in every town council chamber is the awesome reality that sales tax and property tax collections are down 25 – 30 percent. The fear is palpable…. It seems to me that Public Ed as we currently know it will be history in about four years. It is a big edifice. It will take a few years to fully implode, but not a decade. There’s no money left to keep it going as it is.”

Read the entire article at this SOURCE


Four years ago I said that the 2016 election would be the last American presidential election in history. Every one after that would be a political fight, a gloves-off battle in the streets. The Democrats have proven they are  willing to cheat and intimidate or assault Trump voters. They will use everything they can: mail-in voting and Antifa and Black Lives Matter at polling stations, whatever it takes to win.

But, this was all subterranean, a  growing knowledge amongst ourselves, but not much further. The vehemence with which the left expressed their opinion of the outcome of the 2016 election brought it out into the light. Antifa began to show up at right-leaning rallies and gatherings claiming that fascists were running rampant in the streets and, like good communists, they were blaming others for what they were doing, they were right, but they were the fascists. Conservative speakers were booed off stages at Universities and at other venues open to the public. The message being that conservatives were not allowed to speak, because they were fascists. Forget that the reasoning itself is fascist.

The real subterranean movement had been taking place for one hundred years, some say as far back as Lincoln. The primacy of the state was rising up, first federally, then states and all the way down to the city councils. They passed laws as quickly as they could, codifying that stronghold with teachers unions, then public sector unions that could be controlled by Democrat politicians. It was the communist playbook: convince people they are aggrieved, use that grievance (real or imagined) to bond them together for solidarity, reach out to other aggrieved groups and bring them together under the same protection and then unleash them on the peaceful people who just want to be left alone and those who just want to be left alone will buckle under the concerted pressure of the aggrieved groups. That’s how it’s done, time and time again.

That’s where we are. Going forward, the problem they have is that the politicians were supposed to have achieved gun control nationwide by now. Anyone who has studied the battle of Midway will understand the importance of timing. Even though the American forces were out of synch, they happened to show up at just the right time to catch the Japanese forces with bombs on their planes when they needed torpedoes.

Despite the fact that the communist forces, Antifa, BLM and Revcom (ABR) are out of synch, they just need to catch the American public at the right time with the wrong weapons, at the wrong place, doing the wrong things and they will be able to sweep in and devastate the resistance. For how long, who knows? Midway didn’t win the war, but it severely crippled the Japanese Navy allowing ultimately the skies to be open enough to get the Enola Gay through. 

The job, therefore, is to not give them an initial victory at all, but to be in the right frame of mind, with the right weapons, doing the right things from the get-go and as this article from the Washington Post lays out, the get-go will be the 2020 election. It is as close to a pre-launch briefing as I have ever seen. For everyone, right down to local news outlets. It might as well be retitled as “What do to when the revolution starts.” 

I’m no prognosticator and I’m not saying anything anyone doesn’t know deep down, but it’s time to pull that up from deep down and start thinking tactically how to handle Antifa/BLM/Revcom in your AO trying to intimidate voters. How are mail in votes being handled in your county? Who’s doing the counting? How can you insert yourself into that situation? This calls on all of us to be extra vigilant, men and women.

But, let’s look at the scenarios the Washington Post article presented to understand that theirs was not so much a theoretical exercise as it was a roadmap for insurrection, a rally cry to the leftists burning down Seattle, Portland, Kenosha and any other city they can target before the election. First they gave us four possible scenarios A Biden Landslide, A narrow Biden win, but with electoral and popular vote victories, a narrow Trump win, but with a large popular vote loss and a period of uncertainty after the election.

Not once did they even play out the possibility of a Trump landslide, because then they would have to admit that riots in the street would also take place given that eventuality. It is more what they don’t say than what they do, that matters. 

The crisis they see coming is the use of the Insurrection Act by Trump to “teach these anti-American terrorists a lesson.” Not to quell violent unrest by Biden voters that will not accept the outcome of the election, as played out when Hillary lost and continues to this day, but some invention of Donald Trump’s imagination, fear and hatred. (Notice that all of those playing out the Trump side were hostile anti-Trumpers.) The Washington Post is building into the narrative the purpose and excuse for their insurrection, nothing less. After the Donald Trump landslide and if it is not it will be a result of cheating and intimidation by Biden voters, they plan to take the streets, perhaps even drag Trump out of the White House, perhaps with Deep State cover from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Every indication I’m seeing for a Trump victory is much greater than it was in 2016. The polls, even heavily weighted to the Democrats, are showing Trump much closer to Biden than he was to Hillary. He will probably still win, but not by the amount he would in a stand up election. The riots have influenced a lot of people who won’t claim support for Trump, but will nonetheless vote for him on election day.

The riots after election day, with cover from the media, will lead to insurrection and all of us will be on the front line in one way or another. You have trained, stock-piled and while it was hard to tell what for a lot of the time, this is what for. This is the hill to die on, not because of Trump himself, but because the communists want it bad enough to kill you in broad daylight for it. They will kill your whole family if they can, before they take power or after. It is only the preparedness and coolness of head that Kyle Rittenhouse showed that will bring us through it. Some of us won’t make it. But, what better reason to die than defending your families and your freedom? I can think of none.

On the ground it’s going to be a lot tougher. Whose side is the cop on? The sheriff’s deputy? Your neighbor? The Antifa and BLM actors will be pretty obvious, it’s the Kyle Rittenhouse’s that will be harder to identify unless you’ve done your homework, these will be tough questions. Now’s the time to ask hard questions of those who could go either way. I’m no leader, but there are people around who are, who have better answers than me. My role up to D-Day is mental prep, once it’s on, there’s no need for me anymore. I will be looking to some of the great tactical leaders amongst us, too.