The Klan with Tan

Self-defense under a justice system that’s no longer on your side

For anyone who believes in the rule of law, events over the past few months have been a horrifying eye-opener. It’s now very clear that in parts of our country, the rule of law no longer applies – or does so selectively, depending on your political views and/or the color of your skin. A few recent examples:


Their annual Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) is known as the premier conservative event in North Carolina.

    1. A new coalition highlights what the Left really wants for North Carolina
    2. Their extreme ideas have the backing of deep-pocketed and influential groups
    3. The agenda, if implemented, would bring more crime, civil unrest and economic ruin

A new coalition of left-wing groups in North Carolina has garnered more than 200 members. It’s radical agenda should terrify anyone who values freedom, the rule of law, common sense, and economic security.

This new coalition calls itself NC United for Survival & Beyond (NCUSB) and includes some deep-pocketed, influential organizations that back some of the group’s fringe ideas; which include:

   1.  a “push for everyone to be released” from prisons and jails
   2.  refuse to honor ICE detainers
   3. expand Medicaid to illegal immigrants
   4. a waiver for all tenants from rent and utilities
   5. providing a permanent universal basic income of $1,200/mo. to all residents (regardless of age) – including illegal immigrants
   6. elimination of right to work laws, which would take away many workers’ choice to join or not join a union
   7. massive tax increases, and
   8. online voter registration with mail-in voting with no witness requirement

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