The moral high ground

I thought COVID was old news. Anyway, this is strange: Couples “Should Wear Masks During Sex” In COVID World, ‘Experts’ Advise

NY Times Op-Ed: White People Should Stop Talking To Relatives Until They Support BLM.

With money? I do not even know what BLM wants besides my money. Everybody wants my money.

If you’re not Black but want to support BLM, having fraught conversations with your kinda (or definitely) racist loved ones will likely not be fun, but it’s a very worthy undertaking.

Written by a young white lady, of course. She probably never tried to run even a candy shop.

If I had my own shop, I would confront looters with firearms. My “shop”, so to speak, is in an office suite up in a building in Manhattan, and the corona mess has damaged our business enough already.

Being constructive is so hard, but being destructive is a no-brainer. 

The above three are from this SOURCE

POW-MIA “You Are Not Forgotten” apparently those that gave their lives so we can enjoy freedom have been forgotten, ignored, dishonored, by Democrats.. Some people will never appreciate the freedoms gifted them by a sacrifice they themselves, would never give..

Why I say: FUCK ANTIFA, FUCK BLM, FUCK ALL THE LIBERAL MEDIA, FUCK THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! At some point, we have to have people and the military start blasting away at these no good fucking scumbags!