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First Federal Law Prohibiting Slavery in a U.S. Territory

July 13, 1787

The Northwest Ordinance is enacted. The banning of slavery in the territory had the effect of establishing the Ohio River as the boundary between free and slave territory in the region between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. It also established the precedent that the United States would expand westward by admitting new states, rather than by expanding existing states.


KKK Leader – Black Rights Activist

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Born July 13, 1821 d. 1877

American Confederate cavalry commander, known as “The Wizard of the Saddle”. He is considered the greatest cavalry commander in American history. He was one of the early leaders of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) during the reconstruction period after the American Civil War. However, his attitude towards blacks changed as he grew older, with him renouncing his involvement with the KKK and advocating for black’s rights. Much of his change in attitude towards black rights was due to what he considered despicable actions by the KKK, the organization he helped create.


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Major General John Charles Fremont

Died July 13, 1890 b. 1813

American explorer, mapmaker, Governor of Arizona (1878-81), U.S. Senator (California 1850-51), Military Governor of California (1847). He explored the Western U.S., and was the first Republican candidate for U.S. president (1856). He was court-martialed and convicted of mutiny by the U.S. Army (1847-48) over a dispute of who was military governor of California. President James K. Polk commuted his sentence of dishonorable discharge and reinstated him into the Army; however, Fremont resigned his commission in protest.
During the Civil War, he issued the Fremont Emancipation which freed the slaves of Missouri. For this, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln relieved him of command.