The true riot agenda

•How do riots breakout in full force in all the major cities within hours of each other today?

•Why were crisis actors advertised and hired in each of these cities?

•Why was wheelchair lady at Target seen laughing after being sprayed with the fire extinguisher and getting up and waking away?

•Why are rioters seen with beenies on, in 90°, with headphones sticking out, talking into mics/who are they talking to?

•Watch for the black umbrellas-why are people bringing black umbrellas to riots – they are riot leaders (all that have been videoed are white).

•Why is there someone in a bright pink, yellow or lime green shirt always following the person with the black umbrella?

•Why did a full plane load of blacks arrive Atlanta, get on a bus and were taken right to the riot site downtown?

•If you do not believe someone is backing this, paying the bill for these riots to take place, on schedule – you are sadly mistaken.