The West: Breeding Ravens

Madness and Chaos: The Left in the Time of Trump

In the late 1950s, the now sadly departed great Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe wrote his masterpiece, Things Fall Apart . I remember readin………..

The West: Breeding Ravens

I remember an old Spanish saying my grandmother and my mother would throw at me whenever either or both felt I had acted in a disrespectful, stupid, ungrateful or uncivilized manner, “¡Críacuervos y te sacaran los ojos!” (“Breed ravens and they will pluck out your eyes!”) In other words, of course, your own kin will turn on you because they often are, to put it mildly, ingrates.

That saying keeps playing in my head as I watch a conspiracy or unkindness of ravens, aka “youths,” in our country and throughout the West tear down statues, deface monuments, shout-down and threaten dissenters, insult and attack police officers, and loot public and private property–all the while using expensive iPhones to document their “courage” with selfies and video.

No other civilization comes close to the West in the amount of resources, praise, and devotion poured into its youth. What has all that expenditure of public and private resources and emotional investment gotten us?

We have before us quite possibly the most pampered, ill-mannered, ignorant, and arrogant generation in Western history.  Notice how many seem to have no problem festooning themselves with expensive tattoos and gym clothing, and nesting in highly expensive and tony metropolises such as New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and London. Many, if not most, seem to engage in no-known labor, but have the time and resources to flap around, preening and playing at revolution, while, as noted, recording themselves on their pricey “smart phones.” Not the grubby sans-culotte of1780s France–not even close–these mobsters are well-fed, nicely clothed, healthy and wealthy cretins–highly privileged and violence-prone cretins, bird brains, ravens.

These ravens repeat empty-headed slogans, and screech about oppression from their perches of privilege down to working-class cops, many black or hispanic, and other ordinary folk who seek to go to work to feed their families. Indeed, the majority of those squawking about white racism and calling for tearing down white privilege and supremacy, and feigning offense over statues, road names, and Aunt Jemima syrup labels are, well, white kids–most notably white women full of inchoate feminist resentment and rage. They have had their heads filled with a crude cultural Marxism; they live in a world almost devoid of facts and historical knowledge. Violent emotion rules.

The raven mobsters, for example, feel tormented, even driven crazy, by the dictates of the cult of pseudo-science, eaten alive by the certainty of global climate change caused by capitalism and believe fervently in the “mutability” of gender. No definition, no standard can hold up. All is fluid. Nothing is certain except that the West is evil, and our history must be erased. Only today counts. Back to Year Zero! Pol Pot call your office.

As I noted long ago, none of this agitation has anything to do with Confederate flags or Confederate statues. The progressive lynch mobs now prowling our streets don’t know Robert E. Lee from Ulysses S. Grant; Abraham Lincoln from Jefferson Davis; Winston Churchill from Adolf Hitler. The progressive mobs have defiled monuments to the heroes of abolition who destroyed slavery, and to the heroes of WWII who destroyed real fascism. The goal, insofar as one exists, is destruction, to produce a paralysis of thought and action by the good people.

President Trump must be careful not to become our President von Hindenburg, presiding over chaos and allowing the anti-freedom, anti-West, Communist-Fascist-Anarchists to own our streets and drive public discourse.

We have bred ravenous ravens.

Unless we shut down their nurseries, and put them into cages very soon, they will pluck out our eyes.