There is only one messiah

Pacific Gas & Electric confessed Tuesday to killing 84 people in one of the most devastating wildfires in recent U.S. history during a dramatic court hearing punctuated by a promise from the company’s outgoing CEO that the nation’s largest utility will never again put profits ahead of safety.
Yet not one single person will be punished for it.

The driver of a white BMW plowed through a group of demonstrators in Hollywood Sunday, injuring two people.

Video posted to social media shows the hit-and-run at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

What would happen if you called 911 and no one answered? Or even worse, they answered but no one bothered to show up — even after you caught the perp yourself? Seattle residents are getting a taste of a community with no police after KIRO-TV reported on an auto shop owner’s travails near the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone yesterday.
Notice the article says near the illegal occupation and not in it? The fucking police force aren’t even pretending to do the job they’re being paid for.

(Reuters) – A New Mexico prosecutor on Wednesday dropped a shooting charge against an Albuquerque man suspected of shooting a protester and called for further investigations after allegations the protester was armed at the time he was shot.

Nearly a quarter of the homes for sale and 43% of the apartments for rent in Minneapolis hit the market since violent rioting began in the city.

It appears that residents of Minneapolis are looking to leave their city amidst a wave of unrest and a campaign lead by the progressive city council to abolish its own police force. 22% of the 612 homes listed for sale in Minneapolis on Zillow were posted there within the last two weeks. A staggering 43% of the 740 apartments for rent listed on Zillow hit the site since the riots began. Zillow is the premiere online real estate service.

DAGGETT COUNTY, Utah (WJW) — A 10-year-old boy caught a 41-pound trout while fishing in Utah.

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Tyler Grimshaw recently went fishing in the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

During his trip, the 10-year-old reeled in a 41-pound lake trout all by himself.