Things that should be free

Thinking about this one: remember when television stations were free to watch? And at some point, all stations decided that everyone should pay for the privilege of watching their stations. Yes, I know you can still get local stations free, but only if you get some sort of antenna to suck them in. And I don’t see that many people who want to buy a damn antenna (used to come free with the television, remember?) to suck in the local channels. So we pay for cable, or satellite, or maybe just internet access to get television. And freaking ass pass for channels we do not watch or want. Like the freaking ass game show channel showing reruns of Family Feud among others!! So let’s get back to freaking free on ALL television channels! Let advertisers pay for everything, like the old days.

More should be free: Toilet paper and paper towels. These are not some luxury items (unless you are in the bottom percentile of moneyless people). Same with soap! Soap should be free.

Now for food items that should be free. Flour, sugar, salt and pepper, and milk. These are basic food items that every person need at all times. Hell, raise the freaking prices on soda, beer, alcohol, wine and freaking ass bottled water to pay for everyone to get these basic items.

I am sure there are many bright enough people in our local and federal government to come up with easy to implement plans to provide all the above free to all legal citizens (I say, fuck the illegals who sneak into our country, they should get nothing free except a ride back to the border. And none of this shit that an illegal having a baby in the USA just got themselves a citizen. Fuck that shit too. The baby is also illegal and goes back with the parents.) And no, it is fucking not racist to not want illegals in our country, giving stuff free to illegals, or being fucking nice to illegals.

So, can you come up with essentials other than the above that should be free?

And the following memes are free!!!!