“This fall, the air will be redolent of gunsmoke, I think, along with the burning leaves.”

Weakness and Betrayal
The Rev. Bryan Dabney


 It appears that the Mississippi Legislature is faced with a “full court press” involving an assortment of sports magnates, big business types, celebrities, well as a “who’s who ” list of past and current Republican officeholders all in a quest to change our state flag.

And all of this is being done under the rubrics of “tolerance, inclusion and peace.” It’s a “fool’s errand” for the simple reason that any design they come up with will likely not pass muster with the Leftist malcontents.  They may have something in mind, or they may not because BLM is a Marxist organization bent on revolution. The Alinsky rules are quite clear— no compromises with opponents only complete submission.

The sad thing is that those who would compromise away of our history are only interested in placating the monster before us. Their excuses for such behavior are various. They likely want to avoid any potentially barbarous actions— such as looting and vandalism. They would like to have football this fall without the loss of players or coaches. Oh, and business deals, let’s not forget them either— the ol’ quid pro quo of “get rid of the flag and we’ll bring commerce your way.” There is nothing sacred and no principle which will not be sacrificed to these beasts among us and all for profit or preference.

Needless to say this will end badly if the Legislature gives in— and I don’t mean regarding just the issue of changing the flag. There will be endless harangues by Leftists who will press the “powers that be” to give up even more, which they will. And on that account, we will all learn again the hard lesson of September, 1939: that appeasement does not work as it only encourages the appeased to push for more concessions.

God help us.



“This fall, the air will be redolent of gunsmoke, I think, along with the burning leaves.”

I cannot but believe that many of the destroyed, disfigured and disgraced statues and monuments were GOVERNMENT property; those that were in public places but technically ‘private’ property had ‘privileged’ position, and had a right to government protection.

They had long since been awarded government recognition for their historical and cultural significance.  Am I to understand that the Missions in San Antonio, would be allowed to fall to the ravages of the bolshevik mobs?  “For Floyd”?  Will they be allowed to burn USS Constitution at Boston ‘just ’cause’? 

The revolutionary horde burnt private AND PUBLIC property, looted private AND PUBLIC property, killed private citizens AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES.  Yes, Trump could have, and should have acted under several authorities – Commander in Chief; to call out the Militia to preserve public order and protect public property. Chief Executive Officer, SWORN TO UPHOLD THE LAW, to deputize local law enforcement and break the riots at first blood.

To say I’m disappointed is to put it mildly.  I see a very tired man, whose age is catching up with him, and whose burdens grow heavier by the day.  I also see a weary executive who is ill served by his advisors and staff.  That the Bushes hate him and their cohort blocks Trump at every turn, that Romney Rinos hate him and block his every effort, and that the Dungrats are in active rebellion would wear down Gibraltar.  I’ve had a sneaking suspicion he would withdraw before the election and leave it to Pence, if he’s not assassinated first.