This is pedophilia

~ Every Patriot should Constitutionally Carry as all “legal systems” have failed us i.e. been sold out. The Constitution says nothing about registering to carry. The principal being if you don’t know who is carrying you will be more apt to behave yourself. Any law which seeks to somehow take powers from the people and place them into the hands of politicians is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful. If the Law protects marauding terrorists yet persecuted those who seek Libetty and Justice then the law is no longer lawful – it is Tyranny. “When tyranny becomes Law, Rebellion becomes Duty” ~


Contemporary American Politics.

For the first time in recent memory (maybe longer)  the two sides of American politics are not even debating one another ( civilly or otherwise). There is no substantive communication taking place between them. This is primarily because the American Left has decided not to confront the Conservative movement as it actually exists in the real world, but to instead contend with a phantom menace: the great 2020 American White supremacy epidemic.

During the 1990’s  “White supremacy” was not a phrase used by Liberals or anyone else to refer to anything except for a small fringe of American society, and therefore it was not used very frequently. Today, many Liberal-Progressives  use it constantly, and in a manner that seems to refer to about half of the country. So what happened? Is America actually becoming MORE  racist as time passes  (and if so, how exactly is that happening)?  Or does contemporary America seem so intolerable to the modern Liberal -Progressive because he is moving so rapidly and radically to the far Left? For an answer, one might ask the SOCIALIST that might have won the Democratic nomination for president if higher party forces hadn’t been so determined to prevent it.

In all Politics there is both rational argument and vilification, but as one reaches the ideological extremes, vilification begins to wholly replace argument. At that point one’s focus is not any real world political opponent, but a villainous caricature of one’s own invention. Abstract political debate shuts down and gives way to political maneuvering alone.


“America is at that awkward stage. It is too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
by Claire Wolfe